Hyrulian Insurgency

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Hyrulian Insurgency
Part of the Hacker Crisis
Status Resolved
FileStarsLogo1.png S.T.A.R.S.
Free Western Army
Triforce Crest.png Hyrule
Umbrel10.png Umbrella Corporation
Commanders and leaders
FileStarsLogo1.png CivGeneral
Sandy Cheeks
Triforce Crest.png Link
Triforce Crest.png Zelda
Umbrel10.png Bernard Maxium
Jolly Roger.png The Hacker

The Hyrulian Insurgency was a small-scale conflict between Brotherhood of Steel-led partisans and the Umbrella Corporation, who was using the planet as a test bed for robotification technology.


The Space Pirates had conducted probes into the planet utilizing a portal device being tested on behalf of the Hacker under the leadership and supervision of Jingal. The planet was by and large ignored after the Space Pirates kidnapped Zelda until the Hacker came up with an idea to robotize humans and other intelligent beings. The Hacker commissioned Umbrella to conduct research on the planet using the local inhabitants as test subjects. Colonel Bernard Maxium assuming responsibility for the operation of the facility.

The Republic of Coruscant opted to send a small strike force in an effort to allay longstanding local suspicion toward Coruscanti political strong-manning. CivGeneral and the S.T.A.R.S. Division embarked with Spongebob and Sandy and a limited supply of arms.


The conflict started shortly after the strike team made planetfall. After an awkward meeting with Link, CivGeneral rallied the village to stage an uprising against Umbrella. Colonel Maxium responded in full force, crushing the rebellion and apprehending the ringleaders, leaving Zelda, Ayane, and Amanda to infiltrate the Umbrella Research Facility.