Imperator-class Star Destroyer

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Imperator II Star Destroyer
Class overview
Name: Imperator-class Star Destroyer
Builders: Kuat Drive Yards
Subclasses: Imperator I, Imperator II, Imperator III
General characteristics
Command ship
Crew:37 085 - 47 060
"Commence firing on that star! ...Damn, no effect."

The Imperator-class Star Destroyer, also referred to as the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, is the quintessential capital ship fielded by the Galactic Empire, and by extension, the Republic of Coruscant. Two variants exist, the Imperial I and Imperial II, with slightly modified armament and shielding. Like the Venator-class, Victory-class, Interdictor-class, and just about every other Imperial capital ship design, the Imperator-class reflects Palpatine's triangle paradigm: that Star Destroyers should take a simple shape so as to instill fear in all those who see them; Palpatine wanted people to see a triangular flag hanging outside their house and say, "Damn, a Star Destroyer."

The Imperator-class ships, due to their ubiquitous number in the universe and efficient design, have been used by a large array of factions in the DYOS universe. Most notably, Coruscant's space navy employs a large number of Imperator-class destroyers, a preference shown also by the Second Galactic Empire after their takeover of Kuat. Kulade's New Avatar Order extensively used Imperator-class ships during the Avatar Wars.

Imperial III-class

A third variant of the Imperial-class introduced by the Republic of Coruscant is an uparmoured Imperial II design featuring an anti-ship weapons suite, including railguns, the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)[1], and a vertically-oriented Tomahawk missile array for use as an atmospheric guided missile platform.

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  1. It's funny because its real-life nickname is "R2-D2"