Invasion of Normandy

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Invasion of Normandy
Part of the Liberation of France
Date April the Somethingth – August 2010
Location Normandy, France
Result Allies liberate Normandy, Île-de-France
Clone Guild retreats to Germany
 Republic of Coruscant
 Free Western Army
 Greater German Space Reich
 Clone Guild
Commanders and leaders
Republic of Coruscant CivGeneral
Republic of Coruscant Samus Aran
Free Western Army SpongeBob SquarePants
Free Western Army Patrick Star
Free Western Army Sandy Squarepants
Greater German Space Reich Manfred Hickten
Greater German Space Reich Frank Horrigan
Clone Guild Cassius Pompey
 Free Western Army 20,000
 Republic of Coruscant 20,000?
About twenty divisions, seven armoured.

The Invasion of Normandy (April–August 2010) was an Allied combined-arms invasion into northern France, a clone of akin to its World War II counterpart Operation Overlord. Participants in the campaign included the Republic of Coruscant and the Free Western Army. The operation lasted approximately four months, ending with the liberation of Paris that split the Space Nazi occupation force in half.

Planning stages

The invasion strategy was on paper since the Space Nazis conquered much of Europe months earlier, but the invasion was left unrealized while Coruscant focused its attention on driving the Enclave out of North America and the Pacific.

The eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland created an ash plume covering much of the planned invasion zone, complicating Allied air operations. Unwilling to postpone the attack and risk losing strategic advantage, Coruscanti command motioned to launch the invasion in late April[1] after receiving word that the Enclave had invaded Japan.[2]


On an unknown date of April,[3] airborne forces landed behind enemy lines by parachute and VTOL aircraft. These troops disrupted enemy communications and supply lines[4] and prevented an immediate co-ordinated response by the Space Nazis. This was followed by Coruscanti airstrikes on enemy shipping.

At around 0730 hours, the first Allied troops landed on five separate beaches,[5][2] managing to clear out bunkers protecting the coast. Resistance from Metroids and heavy combat armour slowed down the advance considerably in some areas, but by the end of the day, a beachhead had been secured.[6][7]

By the end of May, F.W.A. troops had captured Caen, whilst the Republic had taken the port of Cherbourg. The former then prepared for a tank assault towards Falaise, with the intention of trapping remaining Space Nazi troops in a pocket.

By mid-summer the Space Nazis had been expelled from Normandy and the Allies pressed into Île-de-France. On August 24, Allied forces entered Paris. Seeking to cut its losses, the Clone Guild retreated to Germany to fortify the border.[8]

Behind the scenes

As with its historical inspiration, the invasion of Normandy was subject to meteorological events that forced a change of strategy. D-Day faced many complications due to weather, lunar phases and tidal patterns.[9] The Eyjafjallajökull eruption thus provided an uncannily apt plot device.