Invasion of Penzance

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Invasion of Penzance
Part of the Battle of Britain
Alright, chums, let's do this! LEEROY JENK... er... PATRIIIICK STAAAAAAR!
British forces assault the landing zone
Date 20 February 2010
Location Penzance, England
Result Landing force repelled
 Space Nazis  Free Western Army
Commanders and leaders
Greater German Space Reich Statler and Waldorf? Free Western Army Patrick Star

The Invasion of Penzance (20 February 2010) was the only ground component of the Battle of Britain. A Space Nazi expeditionary force established a narrow beachhead near the port of Penzance. Recognizing the need for a rapid response to prevent the Space Nazis from consolidating their position[citation needed], Major Patrick Star forwent the tedious process of deliberating strategy and led a grand and lightning-fast charge at the enemy. To the astonishment of high command, the counterattack was a smashing success.