Ion Frigate

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File:Ion Frigate.PNG
An Ion Frigate over Chiron
File:Frigate Wall.PNG
Ion Frigates attacking while in a Wall Formation

Do you know how long it took me to take them from the Taidann?
-Stylesrj on the Ion Frigates

The Ion Frigate is one of the primary attack vessels in the Blood Gulch Starfleet

Armed with a single Ion Cannon and a hyperspace drive, this capital ship can cause devastation to enemy fleets and stationary targets in large numbers.
However, it lacks in speed, manoeuvrability and point defense, making it an easy target for fighter and bomber attacks.

These vessels were employed during the Second Battle of Chiron, ordered to attack the enemy facilities. Because of their low manoeuvrability though, many were easily wiped out by orbital defense turrets before they could line up to destroy them.

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