Ismail Jazari

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Ismail Jazari
Jazari onboard the Crobuzon following the arrival of Miocene Arrow evacuees
Died 6 February 2012
Unnamed submarine, Atlantic Ocean
Allegiance  Cosmonarmada Vostok
Rank Colonel
Unit Central Command (to 2011)
Blue Fleet
Commands held Integrated Communication Services

Gem War

Relations Sarah

Ismail Jazari was the chief communications officer of the Cosmonarmada Vostok during early DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. Although only a colonel, as adjutant to Hannibal Barca he held considerable power within the organization. Jazari accompanied Hannibal and the Blue Fleet during the opening stages of the Gem War.

Jazari was onboard the Crobuzon during the battle with Clone Guild forces over Earth. His significant other, a woman named Sarah, served onboard the Miocene Arrow but was killed by a cloner boarding party. Intervention by the Coruscanti navy downed the Crobuzon over the south Atlantic, and Jazari and the survivors took shelter in a purpose-built escape submarine.

Overcome with grief from Sarah's death, Jazari committed suicide 6 February 2012.

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