J.C. Reitan

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J.C. Reitan
Allegiance Republic of Coruscant
Service/branch Army
Years of service ca. 2009
Rank Corporal
Unit 1st Arrakeen Expedition
"Though this be madness, yet there is a method in't."
— Polonius, Hamlet Act II.ii

Corporal J.C. Reitan is a soldier of the Republic of Coruscant known for being the sole survivor of the First Arrakeen Expedition.


As a result of severe psychological trauma, Reitan has been driven insane. Attempts by CivGeneral to divine the fate of the expedition produced muddy answers, and he quickly abandoned the prospect.[1] The Combine, in another brilliant display of sociability, kidnapped Reitan[2] and attempted to debrief him. Initial interrogations produced the same tangents and fitful relapses, but as time wore on, he began quoting one source in particular. When Dr. Breen took charge of the interrogation personally, Reitan came closest to providing a coherent picture.[3] While the corporal still spoke in riddles, Breen's intuition managed to piece together the message as a warning against the supernatural nature of the Gem. For whatever reason, Breen squandered this advice when he ordered his officer to claim the Gem.

Part II

With the defeat of the Combine on Arrakis, Reitan was relinquished to the Coruscantis, although Breen did not see cause to share the results of the Combine interrogations. He was suspended from active duty and placed in a medical ward in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5.[4]

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