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"Since they're anti-tank helicopters, I guess that makes them our natural enemies, huh?"
AV with tail deployed, supported by three ATH-29s

The ATH-29 Jigabachi and Jigabachi AV are large military attack helicopters featured in the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime television series. Their most notable feature is a large movable 'tail' with a Gatling gun, in addition to missile launchers mounted on the stub wings.

The Jigabachi AV are grey, can operate autonomously, and have a curved 'head' with a spherical targeting pod underneath much like the real life Predator and Reaper drones. A 'jigabachi' (ジガバチ) is a mud dauber wasp whose prey includes spiders, and the helicopter's design appears to mimic this.

Space Nazi appropriation

The Jigabachi is popularly employed by the Greater German Space Reich as its assault helicopter and primary air support vehicle. As with the HAW206, there is much speculation as to how the Space Nazis acquired the schematics. The most common belief is that a number of units were purchased through a middle-man and then shipped to Helgan Prime, where the design was reverse-engineered and mass-produced by local industry. As with the HAW206, the Space Nazi design may alternatively be a copycat attempt.