Joe Jackson

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Joseph "Joe" Jackson
Joe Jackson moments before his demise
Nickname(s) "A pain in my rear end" (General Veers)
Allegiance Enclave Symbol.png Enclave
Service/branch Army
Rank Brigadier General

Third Nazi War

Brigadier General Joseph "Joe" Jackson was a commanding Enclave general who led the attack on Washington D.C. with the directive from Dr. Breen to push the Republic of Coruscant off the map. He was killed by Marsha Conrad under the orders of General Veers.


Little is known about Jackson and his pre-war life, other than he was one of Dr. Breen's trusted commanding officers, perhaps with roots in the Combine Empire.

Washington Siege

Brigadier General Joe Jackson leading his troops into Washington, D.C.

Despite strict orders that Dr. Breen was to keep Enclave troops far outside Washington, D.C. prior to the initiation of hostilities lest they disclose their intent, Jackson deployed his troops as close to the city as possible before beginning the assault in tandem with the Battle of Elysia under the carefull orders of Dr. Breen.

The assault eventually led to a Stalingrad-esque battle within the city of Washington, D.C., with Coruscanti troops defending from every available nook and cranny within the city. Jackson's persistence greatly frustrated General Veers.

During the Battle of the Bulge, Jackson was well aware of the encirclement plan to trap him in a war of attrition. He had several companies of Enclave soldiers and vertibirds at the ready for the moment General Otto's troops entered the battle arena. When the fight stagnated, Veers sent a cousin of CivGeneral to infiltrate the Enclave base and assassinate Jackson, thereby bringing the campaign to a speedy conclusion.

Marsha Conrad snuck into the base and duct-taped every microphone in Jackson's quarters to prevent him from summoning help prior to their face-to-face confrontation. He was then turned into a pile of green goo by a shot from Marsha's plasma pistol.

Joe Jackson's final moments

Behind the scenes

It took about 5-6 retakes to get the "turning Joe Jackson into green goo" due to the random chance to get a critical kill shot, as the mod that CivGeneral was using in Fallout 3 gave a random critical effect.

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