Joe Jackson

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Joe Jackson
Born April 1, 1978(1978-04-01)
Died January 28, 2010 (aged 31)
Raven Rock
Allegiance Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png Enclave
Service/branch Army
Rank Brigadier General

Third Nazi War

Joseph "Joe" Jackson was an Enclave general who led the attack on Washington D.C. One of the few competent Enclave officers, he managed to resist encirclement in the Battle of the Bulge, and became the target of an assassination plot that served as the breakout episode for Marsha Conrad.[1][2]

Behind the scenes

Jackson's death scene used a third-party mod for Fallout 3 that dealt a random effect on a critical kill shot, and required 5–6 retakes for the "green goo" effect.

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