Josef Stalin

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Joseph Stalin
Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин
Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin
იოსებ ბესარიონის ძე ჯუღაშვილი
Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili
The Pope? The Pope? How many divisions does he have?
Now, look here, Adolf. THIS is a proper mustache!
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth 18 December 1878
Age 139
Occupation Revolutionary, Politician, Czar, Generalissimus of the Soviet Union
Religion Atheism
Nationality Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet (Georgian)
"Yes we can!"
Stalin, 1942

Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili, otherwise known as Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin, Joseph Stalin, Koba, Uncle Joe or Mario, was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1953. Known for being an extreme totalitarian, who was extremely restrictive on supportive of freedom, and killed about 20 million people on the basis that they were dissenters of the state, and all the while still claimed to be a peace-loving democrat. Suffered a heart attack and died in 1953.

Stalin is credited with the invention of Invisible Spray, which he distributed free of charge to many Party members.

Private Life

Stalin enjoyed drinking Georgian wine and hosting rave parties playing mostly Rainbow Stalin (Which is actually All this Love by The Similou). He quickly became a fan to The Similou after hearing the words from one of there song "rainbow Stalin".

Stalin raving with his populace