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Ohh this is bad!

Heavy Weapons Guy upon seeing Lucy for the first time
That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered individual you ever set eyes on! Orly?
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance Unknown
No. appearances >= 2
Nickname(s) The Master of Shredding
Aliases Lucy (By her foes), Nyu
Species Diclonii
Gender Female
Date of birth Unknown
Age Around 18
Occupation Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
Nationality Affiliated with CivGeneral

Kaede (松楓) (also known as Lucy or Nyu) is the central character of the Elfen Lied series, she is the protagonist and anti-hero of the story. The so-called 'Queen' Diclonius, Kaede (also known as Lucy and Nyu) was both ruthlessly tormented and a sadistic tormentor, driven by both the cruelty she found so often in life but also by the knowledge that love and acceptance was possible. Her great love was Kouta, a boy she met when they were children and again when they were young adults. Elfen Lied is in essence defined by her love for and relationship with Kouta, marked by some joy but also by deepest tragedy. As a Diclonius, Kaede possessed power rivaled by few others of her kind, and control over her vectors, mostly invisible telekinetic 'arms', virtually second to none.



Her friends and other people typically use her real name. However, her pursuers and enemies (and fans) typically call her "Lucy" in a reference to a fossil find or a referance to Lucifer. Due enpart of the researchers at the Diclonius Research Institute, as she and the other Diclonius were often regarded as monsters and demons. This namesake and background has carried over to Umbrella. Nyu is not mentioned likely due to the treatments Dr. Lynchstein gave her during hibernation that cured her multiple personality disorder.


There is no spoon?

— Neo from the Matrix

Most of her raw powers comes from her vectors, invisible telekinetic 'arms'. She possess four vectors with a max range of 2 meters (2.18 yards). Which can perform delicate tasks as small as pinching a capillary to as large as lifting a Mack truck. As well as accelerating objects to near high speeds. She is able to deflect any bullets and slugs as long as they are below 50 cal. (12.7 mm). She can turn anyone within her range in a bloody mess. She can use her vectors to propel herself to another location as well as making a safe landing at her destination. She is able to emulate the charge biotic power from Mass Effect by simply propelling herself to a target and using her vectors as a shield.

Eventhough her vectors can cause massive destruction, both in massive and micro scale. She has the ability for cellular reconstruction granting her healing ability. As of this edit, this ability has not yet been shown nor mentioned.

It's been noted that individuals with high perception, such as CivGeneral & Jill Valentine, can see and detect her vectors.


Turns out, mess with someone's head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all powerful bitch.

—Jack, Mass Effect 2

After being cured of multiple personality disorder by Dr. Lynchstein. She's mostly reverted back to her default persona. When befriending her and gaining intimacy, she is shown to be a sweet, kind, and shy individual. Outside her circle of friends, she puts a personal emotional barrier which to other people would interperate as being cold, distant, and withdrawn. When she faces enemies that threaten herself and her circle of friends, she is shown to have an aggressive personality, similar to Tama Shepard, though with more calm and control.

Role in DYOS

She was kept in a cryogenic hibernation by the Umbrella Corporation at Hyrule. Colonel Bernard Maxium has released her instead of Nemesis at CivGeneral and his friends at Sector 7G. Lucly, Dr. Lynchstein was present in the room to help the heroes. Eventhough they were reluctant of his help due to the fact he's an Umbrella scientist. CivGeneral and Jill Valentine managed to dodge her vectors after demonstrating them on the RED Spy. Eventually the power of trust and friendship calmed the tormented soul as the group engaged in a huge group hug to comfort her. It was revealed to Ayane that Kaede was acquired many years prior to Coruscant's colonization of Japan in an Umbrella takeover operation of the Diclonius Research Institute which left Kamakura in ruins[1].

A young woman's dream

After her impromptu rescue from the Umbrella research facility on Hyrule, she was made a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin by CivGeneral along with assurance that she would be granted a pardon.

She has made a non-canonical appearance where she was not cryogentically frozen in a comic lampooning Dommination3000. She also provides the narrator voice in CivGeneral's Comics in Plans within Plans.

Behind the scenes

  • A tunnel (a replica of the Lincoln Tunnel) in New Port City is named after her using her real name.
  • She is the only left-handed character in CivGeneral's group. Though third-party representations of her is inconsistent depicting her right-handed (eg. Fallout 3 & NV)
  • Unlike the anime, where she uses a different font in her subtitles when in her Lucy persona. She uses the normal Comic Book Commando font as the other characters in CivGeneral's comics.
  • Her vectors are represented in Gmod as dismembered zombie arms from L4D, recolored in white and added transparency.
  • Her "Bloody Mess" abilities seen in the anime and manga are tone downed. Largely due to issues within Gmod lacking dismemberment on ragdolls (exceptions are TF2 & Left 4 Dead Zombie models) as well as keeping the gore level to acceptable CFC levels
  • Dispite lacking any third-party addons in Mass Effect to give her Diclonius horns and red irises. She is one of the player characters in CivGeneral's games as a vanguard.

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