Kan' Sharuminar

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Kan' Sharuminar (DYOS Character)
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 5
No. appearances More times than considered acceptable.
Aliases None
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Address Character is nomadic
Occupation Inter-comic Traveller/ Comic-Lord
Family None
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unknown
Starsign Unknown
Religion Unknown
Nationality Scottish, Duckland
For the contributor, see User:Kan' Sharuminar

Kan' Sharuminar is a DRAW Your Own Story character who travels between comics with his TARDIc, usually sticking around briefly in the plot and then vanishing again for a long time.

Character History

Pre DYOS Era

Details of Kan' Sharuminar's early life remain sketchy at best. It is known he was born in Scotland and presumably lived out his early life in Aberdeen. At some point he took to space-travel, as DYOS characters are wont to do, travelling across space to the Ducklands, an-out-of-the-way world with some unusual anthropomorphic inhabitants.

For nearly ten years Kan' remained in the Ducklands, contributing to its survival in the Great Wars there and playing a major role in the creation of its defence force. He gained experience in fighting several enemies, including robots, dinosaurs, near-unstoppable-superbeings-of-deadly-peril, super-weapons, Gingers and, remarkably, death. For his efforts he was given the rank of General and for two years had the position of Supreme Commander of the Duckland Forces before standing down. Confident that the planet was more or less safe, Kan' Sharuminar left for pastures new, arriving at CFC in 2003.

DRAW Your Own Story 5

Two years after arriving, Kan' and the rest of the Off-Topic members heard rumours of an ancient relic known as the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel. Interested in finding the relic, they set off across the lands of CFC by foot, flight or wagon. The going was tough, and before long the group was trapped in the Spam Fields. Only a timely arrival by CivGeneral rescued the trapped Off-Topicers, who promptly took them to his personal flagship. There, despite Kan's insistence on wearing an Imperial Grand Admiral uniform, he signed an alliance pact with CivGeneral and the Republic of Coruscant.

The alliance was promptly put to the test with the arrival of CurtSibling and Stylesrj's respective invasions. Honouring the alliance, Kan' Sharuminar returned to the Ducklands with the intention of gathering additional forces for the war. Though successful in reinforcing CivGeneral's fleet, there is little information on the resulting war. It is simply assumed Stylesrj's fleets were too overwhelming.

DYOS 6-10

Driven into seclusion, Kan' Sharuminar returned to Aberdeen, leaving the Off-Topic members to their own devices. He wasn't entirely inactive, as he began the growing of the TARDIc that would serve him many comics later, and successfully defended Aberdeen against the forces of Thorvald when he attacked the city.

Only in mid-2007 did Kan' return to Off-Topic, where by now most members were aboard the airship Gogf. His new life as pilot was brutally cut short when he was kidnapped and mutilated by Nuclear kid, who cut off Kan's leg and left him to bleed to death. The Gogf failed to assist Kan', captained as it was by the nefarious Till. Rescue was forthcoming however, when Zarn arrived in the Millennium Falcon and took him to the safety of CivGeneral's fleet.

Adopting a peg-leg, cane and great-coat to cover his lost limb, Kan' once more returned to Aberdeen and took the TARDIc on its maiden flight, arriving aboard the Titanic as it struck the iceberg. Rescuing several Off-Topic members who happened to be aboard, he then found himself briefly working alongside Tykinruoka and Rheinmetall as they searched for the Scrolls of Cohesiveness. Like with most quests, it went near-disastrously wrong, and Kan' once again left to travel the comics in his TARDIc.

Horrified at the need for there to be a Consul for DYOS, Kan' travelled to the building with the intention of either destroying the Consul or forcing them to acquiesce to his demands. His efforts came to nothing, as the arrival of a large zombie attack forced the Consul members to band together in a pitched battle against the undead. Backed against a corner, they were only saved by the timely reappearance of the TARDIc and flown to safety.

Once again forced into quiet solitude, Kan's next appearance was very brief, arriving as he did at the height of the Avatar Wars, and he promptly decided to disappear again. He was present in the Gem Cave during the Battle of Arrakis, where Wallace Breen captured him and the TARDIc, intending to use the ship to transport the Gem. The timely intervention of CivGeneral saw Kan' freed and his precious ship returned to him.

DRAW Your Own Story 11

Whilst travelling between comics, and with Subi in tow, Kan' has taken an interest in the Hacker attacks and the subsequent closure of Off-Topic. Following OT's evacuation in the Gogf and, as the result of another Haaaaxor attack, its crash-landing in Poland, Kan' has hurried to its rescue.

The culprit turned out to be none other than the nefarious Till, who challenged Kan' to a duel on the bridge of the Gogf, giving his adversary the luxury of choosing the time and the method by which he will be killed. Kan' accepted the challenge and chose to duel with pistols at dawn, disregarding the fact that dawn was minutes away and he had no experience with duelling, let alone owning actual weapons. Till promptly shot Kan', who fell to his death. Or would have, if the Death Fuji had not come back in time and caught him. Unfortunately, this breaking of the rules created a rift in the universe, unleashing Rake, the powergamer equivalent of Captain2, and Kan was forced to make a sacrifice himself in order to fix this and kill the evil Captain2.

An honorary funeral procession, along with William Overbeck, was held in honour of Kan' in early October 2010. With Kan's body still missing, CivGeneral insisted on using an empty casket with Geoff on the top.

A year after his death, Kan' returned none the worse for wear (in fact, in much better condition in that he had both his legs). In the wake of the Gnomes' invasion of Earth and their capture of Captain2, he initiated a rescue attempt for his Canadian friend, getting him out of Gnome hands utilising a Tyrannosaurus-Rex with a jetpack. and safely escaping to his tower. He passed off his return as the result of standard comic and/or Doctor Who conventions.

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