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Created by e350tb
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth 1987
Age 26
Occupation Lieutenant of the Hacker
Nationality Unknown

Kayli is a recurring agent and lieutenant of The Hacker. Not much is known about her, but it seems that her missions are largely exploration and tracking of useful objects. She seems to find the Hacker an annoyance.

She first appeared in a video conference with the Hacker shortly after the Thear roboticisation. She had recovered a prophecy from the Inventor of the Infinite Search Engine (Yahoo) and was ordered to decipher it.[1]

She next appeared at the Umbrella Corporation facility on Hyrule, having taken a device known as the Hiram Device from Danny Fenton. She left both he and a newly de-robotised Sandy to an unidentified guard and reported to the Hacker. There, she blamed him for derailing their plans, before bearing witness to the arrival of a new servant to the Hacker.[2]

In a private correspondence, Kayli offered to aid Wesker if he helped her upload her consciousness into a supercomputer.[3] The outcome of this project is unknown, although it is inferred she is now working for Mr. House.