Keeper of Spam

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The Keeper of Spam was a guy from Apolyton. A hooded figure told taillesskangaru and Stylesrj to seek him while they were in Tajikistan, as he had some power,[1] later revealed to be the power to free the avatars from kulade's control. Sadly, Apolyton was blitkrieged and nuked by the Stylesrj Avatar Army before you could say "microwave", only succeeding in freeing Grassland SEAL from the SAC's power before he died,[2] and weakening his hold on the rest of the army enough to make them rebel against kulade later.

In his ridiculously long comic explaining the thread, choxorn when writing it accidentally confused him with the Great Spammer, a long forgotten plot device of Swedishguy.[3] Being too lazy to change it, he simply decided to make a hand wave of both issues with the Convenient Plot Device and ignore the issue entirely.