Kevin Rudd

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"I know, being smart makes me happy."

Mr. Prime Minister-Supreme Overlord Sir Kevin Rudd is an Australian politician. He was leader of the Labour Party from 2006 to 2010, and served as Prime Minister from 2007–2010 after defeating John "Hell" Howard. Despite high popularity in opinion polls, Rudd's support even amongst fellow Labour MPs eroded in May 2010 when he accosted miners with the Resource Super Profit Tax. This combined with flagging support for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme led Rudd's deputy, Julia Gillard, to announce a challenge for leadership on 23 June. Faced with imminent defeat, Rudd resigned the next day.

He is attempting, at at last check failing, to repel the Free Western Army's invasion of his country commenced in DRAW Your Own Story 10. In the early days of DRAW Your Own Story 11, Rudd and Mr. Mercer are searching for any foreign assistance, and are on the road to something that Vladimir Putin has requested Rudd destroy.