kill fire

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kill fire is choxorn's brother. He has had very little relevance to the story so far. He has a sense of humor that not many other contributors get. His past avatars include Neo, Scorpion, a level 20 undead rogue, and a level 80 tauren shaman. He disappeared in DYOS 10, but reappeared later shortly before the begining of DYOS 11 and DYOS 10 part 2. He was lost in space at the time of his disappearance, and so far as it's known he still is. He is currently acting through Alex Mercer, and claims he will bring himself back into the story at a later time.

Update: after that particular comic he once again disappeared for a long time and reappeared again as the Spy (of Team Fortress 2) in a hilarious "I am back!" episode.