Kirill Gedeonin

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Kirill Gedeonin
Gedeonin coordinating naval patrol alongside General Czciborycz during the Enclave invasion of Japan
Allegiance  Russia /  Eastern Union
Rank Colonel General
Commands held 4th Special Forces Division
Awards Order Of Military Merit
Order of Alexander Nevsky
Medal for Distinction during Special Operations
Medal For Participation In Counterterrorism Operations
Medal For Distinguished Military Service, 3rd Class

Colonel General Kirill Gedeonin is a senior officer of the Eastern Union Armed Forces. He is chiefly, albeit unofficially responsible for logistics operations concerning military projects. Before his appointment to the federal command, Gedeonin was a Spetsnaz commander, and still holds strong ties to the special forces and Russian Federal Security Service.

Gedeonin is reputed amongst subordinate officers for his casual, irreverent and unrestrained expression of opinion, particularly when criticizing officers he feels are not performing up to par. This attitude has garnered approval from his superiors, while those beneath him toil in fear of provoking his scorn. Some Union generals joke that the easiest way to identify incompetent commanders is to gauge their reaction to being told they have been transferred to Gedeonin's unit.

DYOS 10.5

At the start of the Nazi war on Earth, Gedeonin was based in Yekaterinburg. In mid-February he joined General Czciborycz with instructions to co-ordinate defence of the Sea of Japan, after Union intelligence intercepted transmissions forecasting an Enclave assault on the Republic of Coruscant.[1][2] During the Korean campaign he led an assault squad into Space Nazi headquarters outside P'yongyang, and confronted CG-X, who challenged him to a duel. Out of a mix of (genre-)savviness and sheer ennui, he chose to 'duel' with pistols, shooting CG-X with an unknown ordnance that dissolved the X-parasite.[3]

A communiqué written by Gedeonin features in the second round of Toyoda Papers, discussing the shipment of materials for an undisclosed project circa the Battle of Moscow in DYOS 10.[4]


Early in At Plot's End, Gedeonin commissions Captain Locke for a secret operation to raid Coruscanti intelligence for data on what he suspects is a conspiracy involving POPA–SIPPA. [5]

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