Rudolph Krieger

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Rudolph Krieger
Krieger questions Marsha's logistics
Nickname(s) "Der Einsame Wolf"
Born 1973
Allegiance  Germany
Service/branch Army ( Eastern Union)
Years of service 1991 – present
Rank Captain
Battles/wars Invasion of Canada
Third Nazi War
Awards Bundesverdienstkreuz
Abzeichen für Leistungen im Truppendienst
Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr für Tapferkeit

Captain Rudolph Krieger (alias "Der Einsame Wolf") is German former KSK commando serving under contract with the Eastern Union special forces. How and why he became Spetsnaz is unknown, as Krieger has allegedly never set foot in Russia. He participated in the invasion of Canada and was instrumental in resolving the Battle of Parliament Hill by disabling John Baird,[1][2] and officially remains attached to the occupying garrison. While a cordial person, he is quiet and reserved about himself and his background.

Krieger has gained a reputation for "getting the job done", and consequently is frequently assigned high-risk and/or delicate missions, his latest being the recovery of kidnapped Union personnel in and around the Ottawa area.[3] Following the events of DRAW Your Own Story 10, he was held by Captain2 in his secret evil fortress.[4] After nearly a year of imprisonment, Krieger busted out of his cell and liberated the hostages without violence.[5] He then left DYOS XI to assist in the defence of Germany,[6] remaining behind enemy lines after the Allied forces had withdrawn.[7]

Service history


Information on Krieger's service in the Bundeswehr is almost impossible to verify, as his record was believed destroyed in 2006 after he was contracted into the Eastern Union armed forces, and any Union copies remain strictly classified. He is commonly believed to have spent six years in the regular army before being transferred to the KSK based on "special commendation".

Eastern Union

Sketch of Krieger in Bundeswehr uniform some time during the 1990s.

Krieger is known to have served with the Union military before the establishment of the German condominium. Exactly when he was hired is disputed, but it is believed to be within the same year he retired from the Bundeswehr. Why the Union was so eager to acquire him is a mystery, although it is suggested the contract was arranged privately through direct negotiations between the Kremlin and then-Inspector General Wolfgang Schneiderhan. A member of the Canadian Junta also referred to Krieger as "our soopyersoldat".[8]

Krieger first appeared in DRAW Your Own Story 10. He was a member of the invasion force deployed to Canada and aided in the capture of Parliament.[1][2] He remained as part of the ensuing occupational garrison; when Captain2 began kidnapping Union personnel, Krieger went undercover to locate the resistance's base of operations, was captured and subsequently imprisoned at the Diefenbunker.[8][9] Early in DRAW Your Own Story 11 when the resistance launched a reprisal attack on Poland, Krieger used the opportunity to free the prisoners.[5] He then departed the thread for Part II.

Third Nazi War

Main article: Alte Kameraden

Before the succession paradox and the chronological merger of DYOS 10.5–11, Krieger sensed Germany was under threat and joined the scramble for its defence.[6] He escorted the pilots of his helicopter transport shot down at insertion to friendly lines, but remained in Germany after Allied forces withdrew to combat the Space Nazis' terror campaigns and halt systematic civilian abductions.[7] He was captured roughly one month later and interned at Kurt Schäffer's army headquarters.[10] Unbeknownst to Manfred Hickten, Krieger knew Schäffer and his subordinate Ernust Ekkehard from the First Nazi War, although Ekkehard did not initially recognize him. Schäffer sought to protect him from cavalier colleagues, but Ekkehard attempted to brainwash him to the Nazi cause through exposure to the Forced Evolutionary Virus.[11] To Ekkehard's incredulity Krieger's body rejected the FEV; Ekkehard ordered an immediate blood test, but was promptly overruled by Schäffer.[12]

That autumn, Coruscanti commando Marsha Conrad broke into the base to extract Krieger.[13] In the ensuing confusion Ekkehard, recalling Krieger's identity, confronted him in his cell and proceeded to beat him up, but was swiftly and unexpectedly overpowered.[14] As Krieger reclaimed his equipment and looted the base for supplies, he met Conrad, and together they fought their way out of the complex. They ran into Schäffer near the entrance; Krieger sent Conrad on before engaging in a mock fight to give Schäffer an alibi for their escape.[15] After exfiltrating the area with the help of Chuck Testa, at Conrad's instigation they set off for Italy on foot.[16]

Personal life

Rudolph is a close friend of Peter Gradunov and Mikhail Ulyanovich, both of whom are also part of the Canadian garrison. He and Peter frequently appear together in comedic shorts, in which he typically acts as foil to the manic sergeant.

"Krieger is an especially awesome man." —e350tb

His relationship with Schäffer and Ekkehard remains largely unexplained, owing partly to CivGeneral and Thorvald of Lym opting to drop an extended plotline concerning the origins of the FEV. Schäffer regards him as an intimate and confidant,[17] going out of his way to protect him[12] and even leaking classified information about Space Nazi activities at clear risk to his position, if not life.[18] Conversely, Krieger and Ekkehard hold each other in mutual contempt.

Krieger is a personal friend of Mr. Toyoda, a fact that attracted the attention of Coruscanti intelligence; in DYOS X.ii Motoko Kusanagi tasked Marsha Conrad with extracting him from Space Nazi territory with the aim of questioning him for leads on Toyoda's whereabouts.[19] Conrad regards him as something of an idol, attributing her grounding in special forces to the study of his after-action reports.[20]

Fun facts

  • Krieger appears in Thorvald's début splash panel sketch in DYOS 10.[21]
  • Two comics centred on Krieger reference Command & Conquer: Renegade: once in DYOS 10 in the opening to the Battle of Parliament Hill,[1] and once in DYOS 10.5 during his arrival in Germany.[6]
  • The duct tape meme originated with him.

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