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Eaw Kuat.jpg
Kuat Drive Yards. Oh, and the planet.
Orbital elements
Known satellites 2
Physical characteristics
Radius(r)5 Mm
Atmosphere Oxygen mix, Type I (Breathable)
Story data
Universe Star Wars
Planet type Terrestrial
Notable features Kuat Drive Yards,
factions beating each other up to get it
Affiliation  Republic of Coruscant
 Second Galactic Empire (DYOS 1112)

Kuat is a planet in the Core Worlds supporting Kuat Drive Yards[1]. First colonized by the Coruscantis circa 27,500 BBY[2], it was terraformed into a "paradise planet" of forest and plains.

Kum-Kuat, prior to terraforming

Unsurprisingly, KDY renders Kuat a planet of immense strategic importance, and during ye olde Galactic Empire days, the planet was fortified to the same level as Coruscant. This did little to dissuade space pirates and the Rebel Alliance from breaking in and stealing whatever they could grab.

Kuat was lost to the Second Galactic Empire early in the rebellion. Consequently, the Empire gained monopoly over the legacy Star Destroyer designs, forcing the Republic to design and build an entirely new navy from Earth.[3][4]