Kuat Drive Yards

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Kuat Drive Yards
Aerospace, Defence
Headquarters Kuat, Republic of Coruscant
Products Star Destroyers, spacecraft and military equipment

Kuat Drive Yards or KDY is a shipbuilding corporation and defense contractor best remembered as the chief manufacturer of capital ships, strike fighters, and pretty much every other military hardware fielded by the Galactic Empire. By extension, KDY is now the chief supplier of the Republic of Coruscant's space navy equipment. KDY headquarters are based on the planet Kuat.

Kuat Drive Yards is comparable to a number of Earth-based corporations, emulating Microsoft/Google/Wal-Mart by buying up its lesser neighbours and colonizing expanding operations to other worlds; emulating Lockheed-Martin by capitalizing in both the civilian and military markets; and emulating Ford/IBM by selling to both the Galactic Empire and its opponents at the same time.

Kuat Heavy Industries is a franchise of KDY operating in Coruscanti-held Earth and other planets. KHI is one of the leading high-tech industries in the Republic, manufacturing land-based military and civilian vehicles.

KDY products

Now 40% more resistant to Ewoks!

Terrestrial vehicles

Capital ships