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kulade is a CFC Forumer and a past DYOS contributor. In all his comic appearances to date he is depicted as the Kool-Aid Man. As the Avatar Supreme Commander, he was the primary antagonist of DRAW Your Own Story 10. His most recent contribution was in the beginning of DYOS 11[1], although his character had since made many cameo appearances.


One of Kulade's first comics in DYOS 7

The Supreme Avatar Commander

The Avatar Supreme Commander (ASC), also known as the Supreme Avatar Commander (SAC), was the title/alias of kulade during the Avatar Wars. The Avatar Supreme Commander was expounded upon by the hooded guy[2] to taillesskangaru, originally described as the commanding artificial intelligence of the avatars operating from a secret headquarters in Antarctica.[3] Curdle later revealed that kulade was in fact the Avatar Supreme Commander, who had gone over to the Dark Side, exploiting the avatars' rebellious sentiments to conquer CivFanatics for the lulz.


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