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Hey, you've found something! Good for you!
"What is THIS!!?" - Barry Burton
Recent archeology excavation into the DYOS past has uncovered something interesting.
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Lara Croft
Ms Fanservice
First appearance Draw Your Own Story 1
No. appearances Too many
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth February 14th 1968
Age 50


  • Treasure Hunter
  • Assassin
Nationality British

Lara Croft is the main protagonist of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive's popular Tomb Raider series. Designed by Toby Gard, she has also been featured in movies (in which she was portrayed by Angelina Jolie), comic books, novels, and a series of animated short films. In 2006, Lara was honoured with a star on the Walk of Game, and was awarded a Guinness World Record recognizing her as the "most successful human video game heroine." Lara is generally presented as a beautiful, intelligent, athletic, and somewhat reckless Englishwoman of noble birth who travels the world in pursuit of priceless artefacts. Known as both an archaeologist and an adventurer, she frequently ventures into ancient, and often very hazardous, tombs and ruins. In addition to traps and puzzles, Lara encounters a variety of enemies including rivals, gangsters, dangerous animals (including dinosaurs), legendary creatures, and supernatural beings. The fantastic nature of her archaeology related adventures have drawn comparisons to Indiana Jones.

Role in DYOS

Years ago in DRAW Your Own Story 1, Lara was tasked by an unnamed officer to bring CivGeneral and Mara Jade back to the Light Side after their temptation by Zarn. She was eventually defeated by Mara.

Later on she became a rival to CivGeneral in the search for the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel in DYOS 5.

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