Lazy Beam

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It doesn't make you lethargic, but you will be much slower in a race...
Type Portable Shrink Ray
Place of origin Enclave Remnants
Service history
Used by General Townes, Rhiza Kalanin, Rosalina Sunburst, Tama Shepard
Wars Battle of Chiron, Second Battle of Chiron, Battle for Project Titan
Production history
Designer General Townes
Manufacturer Enclave Remnants
Unit cost Expensive
No. built 5 (2 destroyed/missing)
Weight Light
Length Long
Barrel length Short
Width Wide
Height Compact

Cartridge Unlimited
Cartridge weight As much as AA batteries
Caliber Energy
Barrels 1
Rate of fire 2 shots per minute
Muzzle velocity 299,792,458m/s
Effective firing range 500m
Maximum firing range 8.80x10^26m
Sights Variable

File:Lazy Beam Display.PNG
Easy to configure control panel
File:Lazy Beam Victim.PNG
The beam claims an unfortunate victim... luckily the plasma pistol can still burn things

If you didn't use the console, how did you shrink me? Did you use a Strong Homogeneous Residual-Interactive Neutron Kinetic Laser?
Rhiza Kalanin in a "tiny" situation.

Of course not! That is pure scientifically inaccurate mumbo-jumbo! The computer was equipped with a "Lazy Beam"
General Townes in response to that query.

A weapon designed and used by General Townes as a means of base and personal defence. The Lazy Beam is a miniaturisation device, able to alter a person or item's size on a variety of scales, much like the Size Changing Relic of Spamuzel. However, it can only shrink and restore objects.

This weapon had been used by Townes during the Battle of Chiron and the Second Battle of Chiron but it had little effect in the overall war.


Once defeated, Stylesrj began rampantly looting Townes' base and acquired several handheld Lazy Beam weapons. He issued them to his friends and family (Although the one he shipped to Stylesjl has yet to arrive)

The Lazy Beam has seen quite a bit of use with Rhiza Kalanin, despite being the first victim of such a weapon.

Behind the Scenes

When seen in comics, the Lazy Beam uses the Mesmotron/Microwave Emitter model from Fallout 3.