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"At least I have chicken."

Leeroy Jenkins is the iconic paladin created by Ben Schulz for the momorpuhguh—er, "MMORPG"—World of Warcraft. He is the central character of a video in which members of the player guild "PALS FOR LIFE" are planning the pending boss fight while Leeroy is not present at the computer. Just as the other members wrap up the details, Leeroy returns and promptly scuttles the entire strategy by charging into the chamber. The guild rushes in to save him, but the entire party is slaughtered. While the video itself was scripted, it is allegedly based on actual events.

As a result of the video's popularity, Leeroy has become synonymous with poor planning, impulsiveness, and general disregard for tactics. He has been alluded to a number of times and appeared as himself within DRAW Your Own Story.[1]

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