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Left 4 Dead is a First Person Shooter Zombie game made by Valve and released in 2008 that has supplied ample screenshots to DYOS contributors, particularly those utilising Garry's Mod. A sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, was released in November 2009. The Left 4 Dead series uses a variation of the Source engine that was not directly compatible with Garry's Mod, requiring the manual porting of maps and models before they could be properly used.

Characters from Left 4 Dead who have appeared in DYOS include:

DYOS also features some characters from the sequel:

The walking dead



The Witch is a "special infected" that frequently appeared in a variety of roles in CivGeneral's cartoons circa 2009–10. Generally passive, when provoked by loud sounds, lights, or character proximity, she will attack her provoker, incapacitating or killing the provoker (depending on the difficulty setting) in one hit. If her victim survives, she will attempt to kill them if not killed herself.



The Tank is a "special infected" that is powerful and difficult to kill. Gigantic and muscular, it can knock players backwards, dealing massive damage, or attack from afar by throwing a lump of debris - it also has the ability to bash certain objects, such as cars and dumpsters, towards survivors, that will cause incapacitation on contact.

"I could make a Tank out of a rabies virus."
Stylesrj on genetic engineering

The Tank has appeared in a handful of CivGeneral's cartoons, and is his conceptual Gmod representation of the "Gargantua", the enigmatic character that devastated Earth in the opening of DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. Also in Part II, the Tank has appeared in Thorvald's tangent cartoons, mimicking the Brute from Yuri's Revenge.

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