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Liberty Prime intercepting a column of Imperial AT-ATs.
Note the superiority of the SocialistCapitalist system, evident in the towering grace of Republican engineering against animal-like Imperial–wait, whaddaya mean it's about to get KO'd?

Liberty Prime is a gigantic robot from Fallout 3 towering over 40 feet tall. It was the heavy artillery for the Brotherhood of Steel, stomping and FIRIN HIZ LAZOR at Enclave troops while marching to the Jefferson Memorial. In DRAW Your Own Story 11, Dr. Kleiner oversaw assembly of Liberty Prime for CivGeneral's Brotherhood of Steel.[1] Originally intended to counter expected Bio-Organic Weapons fielded by the Umbrella Corporation, following Mara Jade's coup and Albert Wesker's sidelining it was repurposed with the P4000 shield for use against Pul Wat Aa.[2]

Liberty Prime's first and only deployment was during Mariko's Coup; initially successful in halting the insurgents, it was easily sabotaged by Mariko, allowing the Hacker to turn the tide back in favour of the uprising.[3]

Like its Fallout inspiration, Liberty Prime suffered from a 'bug' in which it uttered anti-Communist statements at its target.

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