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The following is a list of characters that have appeared in DRAW Your Own Story, but have not given their exact name:

"He will never be forgotten,
whoever he is."

Hatted Girl

— One of the two women encountered by lord_joakim; later betrayed him to Damien.

Girl with the same eyes as lord_joakim

— Not to be confused with the above.

German military police officer

— Attempted to bring Thorvald of Lym to Mr. Toyoda, but was intercepted by Captain2. He later brought Bjørn to Toyoda.

Spetsnaz officer

— Seen on occasion in Thorvald's tangents. He's the one with the moustache and green bandanna. Responsible for the "%@%# HIATUS!!!" running gag. Not to be confused with Rudolph Krieger.

German General

— Not to be confused with the Bundeswehr officer depicted in the Avatar Wars climax; a member of the Flying Circus mk.III whose remote unit teamed up with the pirates and Genghis Khan to locate Richtofen.

Old Man

— Encountered by CivGeneral and Co. while searching for Mr. Toyoda in Kitami. In DYOS 10.5 he was identified as Yasunari Narakane. He has an intricate understanding of Hokkaidō's affairs.

Combine officer

— Bald (shaved?) officer who interrogated J.C. Reitan. Touched the Gem and died. Poetic justice.

Union intelligence officer

— A subordinate/friend of Octavia Deaconescu.

Those Two Pilots

— Space pilots that picked up, then lost, Kan' Sharuminar in DRAW Your Own Story 11. Later shuttled CFCMAN around in his search for the Hacker.