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The C709 Longsword-Class Interceptor is the main UNSC single ship, and a mainstay starfighter, filling a variety of roles simultaneously.

Repeatedly described as a space fighter or interceptor, intended to engage enemy fighters, dropships, and boarding craft in route to their capital-ships, Longswords have also been seen in a variety of roles, making for an extremely versatile craft. It is relatively inexpensive to produce. They are capable of holding their own even against technologically superior fighters used by the Covenant, using missiles and cannons to deal tremendous firepower (without having much in the way of defenses) and with a skilled pilot, may even be superior to the Covenant fighters, and escorting UNSC dropships as they deliver their passengers/various cargoes to planet surfaces or larger ships. They are also used in attack runs against Covenant capital ships, delivering high-yield missiles, Shiva nuclear warheads, or even free-floating Moray space mines, to or near their targets. They can also be used in planetary environments by functioning as fighter-bombers, destroying ground targets from the air, and escorting larger capital ships such as Frigates, Halcyon-class Cruisers, or Marathon-class Cruisers in their own assaults.


Along with his other Halo vehicles, choxorn makes great use of these for the purposes of transport and combat. They prove very useful for escorting other fighters, and are powerful in space combat. They haven't yet been seen in space combat, though, because choxorn sucks at making scenes in space in Garry's Mod, and the Halo models he has are much larger than the Star Wars models everyone else uses.

The Galava Narrators have a single Longsword which is armed with dual rapid fire autocannons in the front and several missiles.