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Angst, formerly known as Lord Joakim (stylized lord_joakim) is a sporadic DYOSer renowned for his deeply psychological and macabre overtones. He first contributed in the middle of DYOS 10; he initially had his comics directed at humor, later developing into a darker tone and mood. He rosters very few characters, including himself and a mysterious simple-shaped creature, only seen twice during DYOS X.[1][2]

Joakim laid the foundation for the Gem arc, and played an active role in the start of DYOS X Part II. Closure to his character's story was originally pegged to the Troubles, but following his imprisonment this was moved to DYOS 11 and would have resolved as part of the cancelled Lucifer arc. Joakim started an independent side-arc,[3] but this was not developed further. For the rest of the thread, he submitted stand-alone cartoons revolving around existential black humor.

Joakim returned as an active participant in At Plot's End in which his character awakes without any memory of his previous DYOScapades.[4]