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Lord Joakim (or lord_joakim) was a former protagonist, created by lord_joakim, mirroring his own persona. He was one of the main players in the late Avatar Wars and one of the most important characters in the race for the gem. During the numerous events and side plots, he slowly developed into an obscure chaotic neutral, or antagonist, character.


As with Joakim's first appearance, he literally bumped the DYOS thread. Soon, Thunderfall jumped out of the thread, begging Joakim to kill him, which he attempted. Shortly after, Thorvald of Lym also came out of the thread, deciding that the pair should somehow help each other in saving Thunderfall. Eventually, this led to the decision to join kulade and his New Avatar Order in a desperate attempt to revive Thunderfall's body. Kulade then had him go to Arrakis, where he was to recover the Gem. However, the mission ended in failure, and Joakim underwent a bizarre mutation from his Fingersnitzel avatar to a floating head in space.

DYOS X Part Two

File:LJ by DD.png
Joakim as drawn by DaemonDD

With the continuation of the previous thread, Joakim had apparently arrived on Earth, and had undergone a total makeover into a bizarre human entity with constantly bleeding hands. He has spoken openly with two characters so far in the thread: a hatted girl and a girl with the same eyes as him. Furthermore, lord_joakim hinted that his character is experiencing severe hallucinations; the latest being a dream-like dystopic illusion. Joakim was imprisoned by a number of mysterious characters, one of them being revealed as Damien, and the hatted girl promising him that she would help him at some point.


When Alex Merc and Roger Faarlander deserted from the Space Pirates, they entered Joakim's prison and then released him by accident. It resulted in them being in grave danger, as Joakim, blinded with rage, attacked them, and chased them even through outer space.