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Lucifer and his hat
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Created by DaemonDD
Nickname(s) M'lord
Species Essential Being
Gender Male(?)
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unavailable
Age Unknown
Address Unknown

Leader of Lucifer's Demon Clan

  • Commander
  • Interdimensional traveler
  • Duck hunter
Family None
Religion None
Nationality None
"That's it. I'm pulling off a Ragnarok."
― Lucifer
"We ran over a space-racoon with a pimp-hat."
Alex Merc

Lucifer is a character created by DaemonDD, serving as his villain protagonist in DRAW Your Own Story 11. Leading a clan of demonic beings, his ultimate goal is to destroy the universe and recreate it in his image. Due to time constraints, his plot was not fully developed by the time of the Hacker climax, and there are currently no plans to carry the story into future threads.

General information

Lucifer is the leader of a large group of demonic beings. He has the uttermost potential in his clan, although his opinions can get him pretty side-tracked and therefore causing him, or others, to get into troublesome situations. He spends most of his time observing various dimensions and worlds, and if he finds something of use, or interest, he will investigate it, either for the sake of a greater purpose, or just for the heck of it.

He is usually grumpy and/or aggressive. If trouble is caused by another individual, Lucifer will most likely use violence to solve the problem. Nevertheless, Lucifer is a very scheming character and he always thinks things through twice before he acts.

He hates silly situations.


Whether Lucifer have had a childhood or not is unknown even for the creatures with the uttermost intelligence and knowledge in the universe. But some do know of him, and the number of creatures encountering him increased incredibly once he set out for his journeys throughout the various dimensions. Lucifer is known as a powerful Essential Being and former monster which has been discriminated by a larger group of Essential Beings, because of his alternative visions and his likelihood to carry out plans by himself. This has caused him to become an aggressive individual and it gained him the desire to have a greater revenge against the "traitorous Gods who sent him to hell".

He started to carry out his plans by creating the Demon Realm and afterwards spawned Essential Beings out of his own essence. His first four spawns were named the "Original Five" (including himself, Faust, his brother, Mephiles's mother and her father.) and he put them to his care and raised them to become leaders of his newly created clan. Lucifer's power depleted greatly and his appearance changed dramatically into the small creature he's known as today. He kept his immortality and remained ageless, but he lost the majority of his strength and intelligence, sharing it with his spawns. Still, Lucifer continues to carry out his plans to change the essential flow of the universe, and to destroy the Essential Beings currently controlling the flow.

Powers and Abillities

Lucifer's most noticeable ability is the power to extract some sort of "dark essence" from his body to create a sort of powersource, which can either be discharged from him, or be used to manipulate otherwise inanimate objects (such as his surfboard he used in the start of DYOS). He can also use a major part of his own essence to split apart and create a "demon" to serve him as a minion. He can absorb them at any time, though some of those demons (demons such as Faust and Lucifer's brother) have a resistance to this ability and can protect themselves against this . He's also noticeably physically stronger than the average human. As seen in the encounter between Lucifer and someone he knows, he is seen throwing a car with ease at that person. Where his limit is, is not announced yet.

Lucifer is an ageless character, which is unable to actually be killed. He can however, due to his limited powers after the creation of the demon clan, be sealed away by either highly advanced technology, or with the help of the dominating Essential Beings. It has happened to Lucifer a few times, but he has been rescued every single time by his minions and an individual who he would begin to despise later on.


Lucifer in his Gmod appearance

The Duck Hunt

Lucifer decided to observe the hacker's haxx on CFC. However, halfway to Earth, his space-traveling skate board collided into a space shuttle, having him float randomly in space, also losing his hat. Eventually, he got picked up by the Imam/Rabbi/Priest trio and was then headed onward towards Earth. The trio filled him in on what was going on.

After falling through the atmosphere of Earth, Lucifer fell off the burning canoe and was separated from the Three Wise Guys and a Muffy which was teleported unto the canoe by the hacker while it was burning up in the atmosphere. Lucifer then decided to explore the area, only to find out that he was at a spamridden wasteland which, by chance, was the area where CivGeneral and Samus Aran were present. After almost being run over by the car the two rode, he joined CG and Samus in order to get some transportation.

Arriving at New Port City, which was currently under attack by summoned/teleported/HAAAAX'd Deathclaws, CivGeneral and Samus chased off the Deathclaws and saved the defensive force which was heavily requiring assistance. Lucifer then used this as an opportunity to steal Ellis's car to, once again, travel by himself. It was then he saw a duck wearing his lost hat, which resulted in him driving into a rock and a river, only to afterwards run out yelling "MY HAT!!". After some failed attempts at recovering it, Lucifer came to the conclusion that he could solve the problem by infiltrating the Coruscanti NASA.

While recovering his car, Lucifer encountered someone, who warned him of a future incident that Lucifer should be aware of. Lucifer, angered by the person, drove to the Coruscanti NASA and began to infiltrate the facility. It ended with failure however, and alerted Major Kusanagi, due to the fact that Lucifer set a death-laser-defense-system online, and it resulted in several explosions and the destruction of Lucifer's vehicle. He gave up and decided to make one last-ditch effort.

Encounter with Kusanagi

Lucifer began to summon a few subordinates, including Mephiles and Faust, only to be interrupted by Motoko Kusanagi and 2 Brotherhood of Steel Paladins. Kusanagi claimed Lucifer to have broken the Coruscantic laws, and came to arrest Lucifer together with his fellow demons. Lucifer, who already had enough with the various problems throughout his journey, set loose 3 common demons to slow Kusanagi down while he could escape without the Major being able to follow him. Leaving the 3 demons to their death, Lucifer took route to somewhere, while he explained what information he had gained from the people he had interacted with so far.

"If memory serves me right, The Hacker should be a human with the abillity to bend reality at will by unknown means, which just might help us. If we can find a way to force him into doing some hacking to our favour, we will be close to our ultimate goal."
― Lucifer

The Hyrule-Incident

Lucifer, Faust, and Mephiles, escaping Major Kusanagi, landed on an unknown location (though it's shown to be a city), where he ordered Faust and Mephiles to hunt the duck that Lucifer failed to capture. While it was successful for Faust, Mephiles wasn't as lucky. She disappeared without a trace. Lucifer got his hat back, but was missing one of his most important demons.


Lucifer's logic have given him a number of enemies throughout his existence. His goals and manipulative behavior have turned various individuals against him. Even a few of his own spawns believe him to be insane, and plans to overthrow him from his leader-position. Basically, an individual who learns of his goals for the universe will look upon him as a manic villain. In DYOS, Lucifer haven't been promising allegiance with any character, although he have interacted with a few individuals with relatively positive morals, such as CivGeneral and the Three Wise Guys, who basically have aided him with transportation and information about the ongoing events throughout the storyline. Lucifer shows his lack of interest in aiding the other characters with the first example of stealing the vehicle that he was a passenger of, to afterwards infiltrate a facility without the care of if it was an ally of his aiders or not. He also shows hostility towards the majority of individuals he encounter. Either with a grumpy attitude, or with physical arguments. Lucifer does have allies however and he has the ability to care for these individuals. It is very rare, though, that these allies aren't a part of his clan.


Faust - Loyal minion, friend, and his right-hand-man, Faust does whatever he can to show his respect towards Lucifer. However, Lucifer lacks respect towards Faust and sometimes treat him as a common lackey by bossing him around constantly. That said, Faust is Lucifer's most powerful minion, due to his cunning mind and his thoughtful process of actions, which indicates that he does whatever he can to act in favor of Lucifer's interests. Lucifer thinks of Faust as his best friend, despite Lucifer's attitude towards him.

Mephiles – Loyal minion, granddaughter, and his left-hand-(wo)man, Mephiles is a demon who Lucifer saw potential in, and therefore took her in his army as a leading demon. Apart from the, unknown to many, militaristic potential she has, Lucifer treats her as a child, but still respects her. He's highly protective over her, and thinks of her as his own daughter.

Mephisto – Daughter and assistance. Despite her position in the society, Lucifer respects her, because she doesn't allow it differently. Lucifer isn't exactly a fatherly figure towards her, and he doesn't hold any parental feelings towards her either. It's partly because he doesn't look upon her as a daughter, but rather an ally.

Alex Merc & Roger Faarlander – Doesn't know them personally (yet), but remembers that two certain pilots got him into the whole mess and made his travel that much harder than Lucifer anticipated. He holds a grudge towards them, and hopes to run into the unfortunate souls someday.

Three Wise Guys – Traveling-companions towards Earth. They picked him up after he was hit by a spaceship piloted by Alex and Roger. Lucifer thinks of these people as characters with potential, but he finds them rather annoying, due to the silliness of some of their actions. Especially the planetfall towards Earth gave him a rather negative impression of the three men, despite that nobody was harmed during the event (except a muffy that is).

CivGeneral – Possible enemy, threat towards Lucifer's plans, though not without potential either. Lucifer regards CivGeneral as a rather average soldier, though he knows of CivGeneral's expertise and believes that while CivGeneral can't be a threat towards Lucifer himself, he's still a rather dangerous individual, since he is supposed as the most skilled mercenary in the galaxy.

Major Kusanagi – A nuisance and annoyance in Lucifer's opinion. When they met, Lucifer immediately made a few of his minions attack her while he escaped, claiming that he “couldn't be bothering with it at the moment”. That aside, he doesn't exactly know her, so what else he thinks of her are only uncertain assumptions.

The duck – Hate. Pure hate. It took his hat, he chased it, failed serveral times, and he eventually got rather desperate. The duck is the main reason Lucifer hasn't been able to chase after the Hacker whatsoever.

The Composer - Lucifer's true nemesis, and the source of his grief. Lucifer despises him with his whole being, and is trying to find a way to kill The Composer. Despite being of no match to The Composer, Lucifer never ceases to have a rough attitude towards him. The Composer behaves the same way towards Lucifer as he would behave towards any other person, though he tries to do whatever he can to create an opposition towards Lucifer.


Songs made by DaemonDD to fit with Lucifer's story through DYOS XI.

Behind the Scenes

The Gmod representation of Lucifer comes in a form of Renamon from the Digimon series. The model has been repainted to a dark purple and uses Lucifer's eyes. The Gmod representation lacks his trademark tie and has a tail (Though can be remedied by using the inflate tool to shrink it and move it away from the camera).

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