Lucifer's Demon Clan

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Lucifer's Demon Clan

 Founder(s)  Lucifer
 Leader(s)  Lucifer
 Headquarters  Unknown
 Locations  Undefinable
 Notable members  Lucifer

The group of demons that's under Lucifer's influence. They live in an interdimensional realm together, and help Lucifer out on his quests. While currently in command of the clan, Lucifer doesn't use his administrative powers often, and the clan usually functions as a human-society (with a hierarchy).


The clan was started after Lucifer was banished from the realm of Essential Beings. Lucifer divided his essence into countless spawns of himself and placed their background to match his wishes. He then left the clan to become a functional faction by themselves with the aid of Faust and Mephisto. Sadly, without the influence of an actual leader, the faction broke loose and waged war upon the current essential flow of the universe. Lucifer could not do anything about this, because an alien race trapped Lucifer into a molten core of rock which later evolved to be Earth. He was released by an aquatic lamia named Nga 3000 years A.D (in Lucifer's canon storyline) who travelled to the core of Earth to stop an individual, resulting in the core breaking and releasing Lucifer from his prison. Lucifer quickly travelled back to the demonic interdimensional realm to restore order to the clan by sealing away the troublesome demons, reclaiming his leadership and repulsing attacks from the dominating essential beings. It was then that he bestowed upon Faust and the new-born Mephiles the distinction of generals of his demon-army, and then began a missionary-esque quest for dominance throughout the universe.


The overall ranks of Lucifer's Demon Clan shows the demons' places in the society.

Highest Rank - Leader:

In the clan, the leader is the demon with the uttermost attributes and abilities of all the demons. He or she is basically a dictator, and can at will decide for his or her people how the society functions, what every individual demon has to do, and however they shall do it. In general, the leader of the clan can decide to change the whole society to his or her tastes. Currently, Lucifer is the leader of the clan, and stays like this until he either gives the title away to another demon or individual, or if he actually dies/disappears/gets sealed away.

Next-in-command Rank - General:

The general is the individual who serves as Lucifer's bodyguard, strategist, advisor and companion. It is mostly demons with extremely high capabilities and potential for the clan's goals. There will only be 2 generals at a time, and usually, the generals are radically different from each other, in order to be able to administrate more adaptably than if it was one kind of demon. The two current generals, Faust and Mephiles, have a mutual disinterest in each other, although both work for the same individual. Faust mainly handles the majority of both generals' work, because Mephiles still is at an early age, although she is an able demon.

Tradition-based Rank - The Original Five:

Basically the 5 demons with largest ability and the first demons to be born of all the demons in the clan. While mainly without administrative power, these kind of demons have been given important tasks in most cases, though they still are counted as unimportant demons. A good example is Mephiles' mother; Mephisto, who although superior in every way physically, is working as a normal spawn administrator (one who nurses new-born demons) and is highly respected, although she isn't of highest administrative capability.

Common-and-lowest Rank - Demon:

Typically unimportant, sometimes without any distinguishing capability. Counted as the major amount of demons in the clan, mainly used as a workforce, scouts and the like.


Lucifer's Demon Clan has a variety of demon-species, some more common than others.


Devils are generally creatures who has a half-human body and the legs of a faun. Their face has golden reptile-eyes and they always have bags under their eyes. They typically have abnormal features, such as horns, wings, giant hands on their back, extra legs, long reptile tails, etc. etc. Devils are known as the more common creatures within the clan (mostly due to the fact that DaemonDD enjoys drawing humans). Though they appear human (at least more than other species), they usually have unnatural powers, an abnormal amount of strength being the most common feature. Devils can also have telepathic powers, be able to manipulate essence with their minds or with the help of certain techniques, see into the future, and some may even have the ability to fuse matter with anti-matter. A few believe the devils to be the most disloyal species of the clan, though Lucifer denies it.

Important devils:


Demons are creatures with a tendency of having the feature of being illogical. Commonly, most of the demons do not appear as they look. Monstrosities can have the personality of a small child, while humane creatures are wild and savage beasts. A demon's appearance doesn't completely depict its features however, and they may actually appear as what they look like, for the sake of better or worse. Their intelligence may also vary. Whether it being a humane being or not, it may have the intelligence of a beast or a super-advanced alien specie. Heck. Even as advanced as Lucifer himself.

Important demons:


Crystals aren't so much creatures, but rather animated objects. They are beings with high essential prowess and can unload a huge amount of essential energy when fully charged up. Usually lacking any emotional features, crystals are known to act however they feel like, though they usually do obey their leader's biddings, but in a slightly rearranged way. Most crystals have an outer shell which is hard enough to withstand common projectiles such as bullets, shotgun-shells, and the like. Their shell is penetrable however, if it's forced enough by either explosions, or strong piercing projectiles. If dead, the crystal's shell remains inactive, but the essential power within it is still active, unless it is either absorbed by Lucifer, making it a part of him, or it will evolve into another kind of demon, such as a 'devil' or a 'demon'. The latter is the most common.

Essential Being:

Commonly referred to by popular belief as a god, though not in a religious fashion. An Essential Being is a power source with a certain element/feature, whereas it most commonly has the ability to manipulate said element by will. An Essential Being is usually not necessarily a depiction of its personality, but the appearance of the Essential Being usually refers to its ability. An Essential being is not a mortal being, though in most cases it has a physical body and is able to be manipulated by extremely advanced technology. Lucifer, being an Essential Being, is a said being who has been banished by the other Essential Beings, due to his own ability and element.


Usually, the individual demon has an occupation in the clan (unless it's a completely useless being). The various occupations are either for services, or for military means, though the clan doesn't think of military-based warfare as an important feature for the clan, although some demons may disagree.


Used for gathering resources and food for the clan's demons. All kinds of demons can have this occupation. Hunting is not an important occupation, since the demons are used to the low living-standards in the clan's society. Some demons don't even need food.

Spawn Administrator:

Basically the demons who take care of children-demons and educate them. The occupation is rather important, considering that not all demons are immortal like Lucifer, so the demon-species can become extinct if spawns are not educated or taken care of properly. Besides that, Spawn Administrators usually take care of injuries and have good knowledge of health-care, first-aid, and various medicine. It is very common for devils to be Spawn Administrators, because the demon specie is hard to depict personality-wise.

Essence Warrior:

The main military force unit which usually acts as a police-force and keeps attacks from dominating essential beings at bay. Usually, the demon-species is the main force of this occupation, though devils also have a tendency to join. Warriors are only be accepted if they have strong combat-abilities, and they need to pledge loyalty to Lucifer in order to have a moral that is useful for the clans goals.

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