M7 Railman

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Spork.svg This page was originally sporked from Planet Frontlines.
Coruscanti M7 Railman escorting an AT-AT

The Railman is a dedicated air defense vehicle designed to protect itself and friendly vehicles near it from low to medium altitude enemy aircraft and drones. Its remotely-controlled turret sports a 20mm gatling cannon, and heavy guided air defense missiles.

The gatling cannon is a tried-and-true weapon capable of firing at a rate of 6000 rounds per minute, making it a severe threat to any aircraft in the area. The Railman’s air defense missiles are an interesting case. They use infrared-radar-laser guidance and, like many such weapons, operate in a self-homing, “fire-and-forget” mode. They were originally intended to be all-around guided missiles – capable of homing on both aircraft and ground vehicles.

The M7 is a fast, wheeled vehicle, inspired by the success of the U.S light attack vehicles earlier in the century. Its wheeled base makes it quickly able to get into a defensive position to provide air suppression coverage.

Some Coruscanti Army units have replaced the traditional gatling cannon with a gatling laser. Before acquiring the M2 Bradley, the Railman filled the role as a troop carrier as well as an anti-aircraft platform.