Manzen Temple Skirmish

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Manzen Temple Skirmish
Part of Hackergeddon
View from the temple complex toward New Port Police Department cruisers
Date 8 December 2009
Location Manzen Temple, New Port City, Coruscant
Type Armed raid
Cause Suspected filesharing operation
Participants New Port City Police and Coruscanti Army vs
Space Pirate Jingal and associates
Deaths 4 pirates
Arrest(s) Jingal

The Manzen Temple Skirmish was a police raid on an abandoned temple complex outside New Port City that led the Republic of Coruscant to pursue military action against the Space Pirates in DRAW Your Own Story 11. Investigating a lead on software piracy, the Coruscanti Army under police supervision raided the temple, killing four pirates and arresting the leader Jingal, who had been experimenting on a portable portal device for Pul Wat Aa. The raid also freed Princess Zelda of Hyrule and Elvis Presley, who had been kidnapped as part of the experiment.


After Zarn intercepted wireless transmissions from a corvette suspected of illegal filesharing,[1][2] the Coruscanti Navy backtracked the signal to an abandoned temple in the rural outskirts of New Port City. Believing it a simple case of software piracy, the Navy referred the matter to New Port police; the police responded with a request for military support in addition to a SWAT team. In reality, the Space Pirates were using the Napster network to mask their traffic's content.


The raid was conducted by three police officers and four Army soldiers with light ground and air vehicle support. By the time the authorities arrived, testing was complete and the pirate squad was preparing to flee, but the portal device required several minutes to activate. While Jingal prepped the device, two soldiers tried to fend off the investigators, prompting a short firefight in which all pirates but Jingal were killed. He was promptly apprehended, and Elvis and Zelda were rescued unharmed.


In addition to recovering the portal device, a notebook was found with operating instructions that included a hand-written note signed by Pul Wat Aa:[citation needed]


It wont [sic] be long before someone would discover that I've been hacking into the Combine Portal Machine and sever the connection. So I need you to infiltrate the Combine Portal Research facility on Nar Kreeta. Steal the Combine Portal Device. Before you send it to me, I want you to test it to ensure that it works. Capture Princess Zelda from Hyrule and Elvis from CivFanatica (Who's [sic] on the Gogf). For compensation, you are free to enslave these two targets.

Fail me, and I will personally teleport a deathclaw inside you!

All the best, The Hacker