Mara Jade

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Mara Jade
"As long as I'm fighting, I'm not dying. And I'm not done fighting just yet."
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth 17 BBY
Age Young
Occupation Assassin,
CG's ex,
Deputy commander of the Combine
Master to Mariko Antillies
Spouse(s) CivGeneral (Divorced sometime in DYOS 4)
Nationality Various

Mara Jade is a character from the Star Wars expanded universe. She was the protagonist in CivGeneral's comics of DYOS past, and even has a Civ3 unit.[1]

As a former avatar, Mara Jade rebelled against CivGeneral, allied first with kulade, then later became a Combine slave cyclops assassin. Her personal vendetta fomented a determined pursuit of CivGeneral across the galaxy, until the final fight on Arrakis where she was stabbed in the back and thrown into the abyss. She is presumed dead for a while.


Sometime during the Time Travel Crisis, a group of Umbrella soldiers extracted Mara from Arrakis. She was revived and was placed to work along side Dr. Richtofen as Wesker's henchmen.

In a staged ambush above Mars, she boarded the Nana to continue her vendetta against CivGeneral. CivGeneral found her in the middle of rounding up his friends where both he and Ayane engaged in a lightsaber duel against her while at the same time freeing his friends. Their battle climaxed in the hanger bay where she was pushed into her own landing craft and sucked into space. Just after arriving back to Wesker's Hammer, she was fired on the spot by Albert Wesker. Filled with with rage, she pulled a gun to his face and announced that she is taking control and promptly suggested that Excella and Richtofen to do the same.

Master to the Apprentice

After landing the umbrellas troops for a final battle into New Port City, she came across Vault 55. Which housed the Lazarus Project and Mariko Antilles inside. She released Mariko and brought her up to date with the current events as well as an offer to be her apprentice.

Mara in her post DYOS 10 appearance in Gmod

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Preceded by:
Jill Valentine
CivGeneral's love interest
2003 - 2004
Succeeded by:
Alyx Vance