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Mariko Antilles
Darth Hakai cropped.jpg
Mariko as Darth Hakai in DYOS 12
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
No. appearances >=2, plus spin-offs
Created by CivGeneral
Portrayed by Trishka Novak
Aliases CivGeneral Alpha
Darth Hakai
Species Human clone
Gender Female
Date of birth July 29th, 2011 (activated)
Age 34 (Mentally & physically)
Address Dromund Kass
Occupation Dark Lady of the Sith

Hanna Antilles (genetic mother)

CivGeneral (brother)
Children Darth Grievous
Starsign Leo
Nationality  Second Galactic Empire
 New Sith Empire
Blood type O+
Head of State of the Second Galactic Empire
In office
6 August 2011 – ca. July 2013
Deputy Tym Nightshade
Preceded by Position created
Succeeded by Ron Lee (acting)

Mariko Antilles (まりこ アンティル, Mariko Antiru) is the opposite sex clone of CivGeneral and Empress of the Second Galactic Empire in DRAW Your Own Story 11. Originally created by the Republic Lazarus Project under the codename "CivGeneral Alpha", she was intended as a body backup and/or memory storage in the event CivGeneral was killed during the course of the series. In 2011, she was activated by Mara Jade, who turned her evil as part of Umbrella Inc.'s botched coup attempt.[1]

After subverting the uprising and seizing control of Umbrella, Mariko founded the Second Empire to prosecute total war on Coruscant. At the beginning of At Plot's End, the Empire is on the verge of defeat and Mariko flees into deep space,[2] reinventing herself as Sith Lady Darth Hakai.[3]

Mariko also appears as a secondary character in CivGeneral's spin-off comic, For the Republic.


Further information: Lazarus Project

In an off-screen episode during the Avatar Wars, Mara tried to destroy the Lazarus facility and thereby deny CivGeneral's retry points, but the mission was a failure. After her resurrection in DRAW Your Own Story 11, she returned to the now-derelict facility with the aim of using the clone for her own purposes.[1]

Mara uploaded fragments of CivGeneral's memories and skills into Mariko so that she would not awaken as "a newborn in a twenty year old body". Data on-hand was only current to DYOS 9, and Mara filled in the blanks with her spin on the facts. Mariko emerged disdainful of Earth based on her understanding of political infighting, believing the Coruscantis had "gone native" at the expense of an illustrious imperial legacy. Thinking her won over, Mara took her on as apprentice and pledged full support to a military takeover of the government,[1] failing to appreciate Mariko intended to claim total control over the ensuing empire.[4]

Second Empire

Mariko acted as frontline commander during the insurrection, penetrating the New Port armoury and stealing heavy walkers for a downtown spearhead to assassinate several planetary senators, after which she announced the founding of the Second Empire that evening.[5][6] The next day, Mariko began consolidating her control, murdering a critically-wounded Albert Wesker outside the Senate building.[7] As the insurgents battled the Coruscanti Army, Mariko and her command team penetrated the New Port Citadel to seize control of orbiting Star Destroyers. As Umbrella prepared to evacuate, Mariko betrayed Mara, impaling her and leaving her for dead. She was confronted by CivGeneral and his entourage, leading to a brief lightsaber duel before departing with Umbrella's remaining command team.[8]

Mariko as Empress, suited in her power armour.

The stolen fleet fled to Wetickra to prepare an ambush for the expected Allied reprisal campaign.[8][9] In a contingency plan for the planet's fall, Mariko equipped an orbiting Star Destroyer with a thermobaric warhead, intending to ignite the atmosphere and kill everyone on the surface.[10] When The Heroes confronted Pul Wat Aa, Mariko drew CivGeneral and Ayane out of the chamber and into a duel;[11][12] with help from a Hacker clone, she was able to catch CG alone and nearly slew him,[13] but was interrupted by STARS Beta Team, fleeing the scene and subsequently the planet.[14]

Using a network of Imperial sympathizers provided by Edward Richtofen, Mariko made contact with Christie Skyblade of the Obsidian Eclipse mercenary group, and Tym Nightshade, a former Imperial Inquisitor who organized defections and mutinies within the Coruscanti military. With New Port focused on Wetickra, the Empire launched a string of attacks on strategic planets, eventually conquering the Galactic Center itself.[15]

Darth Hakai

By the start of At Plot's End, the Empire is in retreat and CivGeneral's story opens in the midst of the Liberation of Coruscant, technically started in For the Republic. CivGeneral confronts Mariko in the throne room; she admires his improvement in duelling but overpowers him once again. CivGeneral's daughter Nozomi arrives and disarms Mariko before she can deliver the killing blow; Nozomi attempts to talk her into surrender but instead sends her into a fury in which she's quickly struck down. Before CivGeneral can kill her, Tym arrives with guardsmen and covers her extraction.[2]

With the Empire on the verge of defeat, Mariko abdicates as Empress and retreats to Dromund Kass with her inner cabal.[3] She keeps a low profile, instead ordering her daughter and apprentice Darth Grievous to apprehend CivGeneral in her stead.[16] After Grievous' trap at Bespin fails, Mariko determines he must be killed before he masters the Force,[17] and intercepts the Hajin Mon during deep-space transit.[18] After slaying Dr. Galney she encounters CivGeneral; seeing through his Connie Marshall guise she goads him into a fight, playing upon his anger that leads to CG tapping into Dark Side powers.[19][20][21] Mariko then abruptly disengages, the fight having been a distraction while Tym was pursuing other goals.

Character and skills


In her initial appearance, Mariko is snide and short-tempered, holding thinly-veiled contempt for the people around her. She considers herself a superior strategist to the Coruscantis and is wont to quote Sun Tzu as though she was the first to comprehend him.[10] Her actual understanding of military strategy is questionable and her political acumen even worse: she reacts furiously when she learns that killing the senators for Coruscant, Kuat and Kessel does not immediately bring those planets under her control.[15] Paranoid and megalomaniacal, she is prone to violence and will murder her own staff over perceived failure;[22] finding Wesker mortally wounded she doesn't hesitate to kill him,[7] and tries to kill Mara over fears of future betrayal.[8]

Mariko's psychopathy extends to her own family: when a fling with a subordinate officer results in pregnancy, she murders him on the spot and vows that the child will "bear the brunt of your falure [sic]".[22] Fearing her own child will usurp her, she raises Darth Grievous as a servant, showing no affection and constantly berating her for even minor slip-ups.

Following her re-imaging as Darth Hakai, her personality and tactics change: rather than confront Coruscant head-on, Mariko lies low in the New Sith Empire, dispatching Grievous on surgical strikes against CivGeneral directly. In her later duel with CG, she is less manic, much more self-confident, and displays a better understanding of CivGeneral's psyche, exploiting his own insecurities to turn Nozomi's speech at the start of the thread against him.[19][20][21]

Mariko employing Force Lightning during her duel with CivGeneral on Wetickra.

Despite no formal training, Mariko is able to manipulate the Force early on, demonstrating aptitude in telekinesis and Force Lightning.[23] She is a competent duellist in her own right, able to take on a small squadron single-handedly, and has thrice nearly bested CivGeneral in single combat.


Mariko's disdain for Coruscant stems from a conviction that in abandoning the legacy of the Galactic Empire, the nation lost political credibility with its neighbours and rivals.[1] In her declaration of empire, she rejects the legitimacy of international law and the United Nations in particular, denouncing it as an impediment to expansionist ambition.[6] Ironically, while she aims to wrest control of Coruscant's planetary holdings, she has no permanent political designs on Earth, claiming it "too diversed [sic]" to impose a unitary world government.[12] Similar to Commander Laes, Mariko regards CivGeneral as an unfit leader who catalyzed the problem, and views his personal murder as a means of self-vindication.[4][8][12][2]

Behind the Scenes

  • Mariko's DYOS 11 character model is based on Trishka Novak from the game Bulletstorm, with black hair and the Imperial Emblem on her shirt. Her power armor is based on Fallout 3's Brotherhood Outcast armor. Her hat is a nod to the Street Fighter villain M. Bison.
  • Mariko's Darth Hakai face model is based on Elexis Sinclaire from the video game series SiN.
  • The Kanji used to spell her name (万里子) translates to "long distance child".

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