Mark Sykes

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Mark D. Sykes
He will give you a choice...
Allegiance Clone Guild
Service/branch Special Secret Projects Corp (Sector 10)
Rank Colonel
Battles/wars Third Nazi War

Colonel Mark D. Sykes is the commanding officer of Clone Guild Special Secret Projects Corp (Sector 10), and tasked by General Valorum with investigating and securing the Gem's power for the Clone Guild in the events of Plans Within Plans.

Sykes was given custody of Taillesskangaru by Rocket, a double agent for the Guild. He attempted to forcibly extract Tailless' knowledge on the Gem and his qualities as the "Chosen One" before being interrupted by Cosmonarmada forces. Exactly what Sykes managed to appropriate is as-yet unknown.[1]

Despite Tailless' escape, Sykes' ripper device successfully retrieved the necessary data. He explained a sojourn to Earth and the capture of choxorn would complete the preparatory phase, after which the Guild could turn to acquiring the Gem.[2] Sykes was obliged with the full force of the Guild starfleet under command of Valorum himself. However, the fleet ran afoul of the Cosmonarmada Vostok as they entered orbit; when Sykes learned Tailless had recovered, he insisted upon the complete destruction of the Miocene Arrow. Initially, Valorum grudgingly obliged his demands, but as the battle wore on and Sykes began defying the general's authority in his singular obsession to kill Tailless, Valorum placed him under arrest.[3]

Behind the Scenes

Mark Sykes shares his name with an early 20th century British diplomat. This is purely a coincidence.