Marsha Conrad

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Marsha Conrad
Marsha Conrad in winterized combat armor during the Battle of Washington D.C.
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Last appearance Unknown
No. appearances >= 2
Aliases STARS Three (CB handle)
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth March 3rd, 1985
Age 33

1st Lieutenant

  • Designated Marksman
  • Energy Weapons Specialist
  • Wasteland Medic
  • Engineer & Hacker
  • Brotherhood of Steel Star Paladin
Family Frank Conrad (father)

CivGeneral (Cousin)
Mariko Antilles (Genetic Cousin)

"ICS" (Aunt)
Religion Roman Catholic

CGBoS.png Brotherhood of Steel

First Lieutenant Marsha Conrad is the daughter of Coruscanti senator Frank Conrad and cousin of CivGeneral. She is the only known living member of CivGeneral's family and perhaps the only person who still has any connections with the Early Coruscantis. She was not mentioned in previous DYOSes.[2]


"With the bad luck I've gotten in my life, I know that I have a few friends who'd help me get out of sticky situations"
— Marsha Conrad

Marsha is quiet, reserved and tends to keep to herself, although she is more talkative around relatives and close associates. She is quite an intelligent individual who displayed a talent for mechanics at a young age. She was a member of the high school varsity swim team and won multiple awards for New Port City High. She is also a very perceptive individual and always maintains awareness of her surroundings since she doesn't like to see her friends getting into trouble or hurt, a trait she earned while protecting her friends from school bullies and gangs. She is the most superstitious person that CivGeneral has known, even more superstitious than CivGeneral himself, due to her perceived string of bad luck. Like all Coruscantis, Marsha tends to place a heavy value on lucky charms and objects.

Despite her father's wishes that she not to join the Coruscanti Army[3], Marsha held no interest in becoming a senator or mechanic and tried to pursue a military career, even though she was too young to enrol in the Imperial Military Academy, let alone enlist. Her cousin's exploits in the First Nazi War furthered her determination, even though she did not re-encounter him until years after the war.

Having grown up together from a young age under the arm of Frank Conrad, CivGeneral considers Marsha like a sister to him.


Marsha attended Coruscant's national university but did not declare a major. She attended various science classes. She was repeatedly barred from entering the ROTC program due to private negotiations between her father and the dean.

The Gargantuan Menace

In the latter half of 2009 while CivGeneral was chasing the Gem, Marsha and her father made a trip to Washington, D.C. to see the sights the city had to offer. The vacation was interrupted with the emergence of the Gargantua, whose rampage reduced the city to ruins. Marsha watched in horror as her father was crushed by falling debris. Fortunately she survived, was found by Bill Overbeck and taken to the nearby refugee settlement Megaton, erected in the aftermath of the attack.

Wandering the wasteland

Marsha Conrad with her Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle

Marsha began to help other victims of the Gargantua by assisting local doctors in administering first aid and distributing supplies. She even took it upon herself to learn first aid. Although myopic, she gained uncanny proficiency with scoped weaponry; so impressed were hunters with her marksmanship that they gave her a Watts 2000 Laser Rifle that she used to defend herself against Raiders, zombie infected, and aggressive animals.

Marsha had heard tales of zombie infected roaming about New Port City's abandoned districts in the aftermath of the Combine occupation, and was surprised to find them wandering the streets of D.C.

Talon Encounter

Unlike CivGeneral who has a dislike of the Talon Company due to stories of there atrocities. Marsha Conrad has had first hand experience with them and developed a deep hatred against them. For a long time, she kept the feelings to herself for years until later during the Haaaaxor Crisis when she has to face them again in space.

The Third Nazi War

See also: Battle of Washington, D.C.

During her travels between Megaton and Big Town, Marsha witnessed an incoming Enclave army making a run across the Potomac, killing any bystanders in the area. Infuriated, she quickly enlisted in the Coruscanti Army that was recruiting in the area. She became a designated marksman and provided first aid to her squadron on occasion.

After weeks of engaging in hit-and-run ambushes against the Enclave, Marsha was appointed spotter/sniper for a group of solders holding out in a fortified house within Dupont Circle. After defeating the Enclave at the Dupont Circle skirmish, General Veers personally promoted her to the rank of corporal and assigned her a dangerous mission to kill Brig. Gen. Joe Jackson. In preparation for her mission she studied whatever declassified tactical reports other special operatives had composed, notably those of CivGeneral, Rudolph Krieger and Major Kusanagi, aiming to avoid a similar predicament as Rhiza Kalanin.

En route to Enclave headquarters, she overheard Judge_Deadd's assassins and two other Civ Classic icons discussing a potential resurgence of the Avatar Wars that quickly degenerated into drinking themselves into an alcoholic stupor. She dismissed them as weirdos.

Once Marsha arrived at Raven Rock, she infiltrated through the drainage systems instead of attempting to penetrate the main steel door. She successfully snuck past the garrison into Brig. Gen. Jackson's quarters where she muted the room by duct-taping every microphone, preventing a call to arms. When Jackson arrived she promptly killed him, turning him into a pile of green goo, then pacified two patrolling soldiers before making a break for the exit.

Her exit had to be quick as General Veers ordered a bombing run on Raven Rock. Marsha evacuated the base just minutes before the compound was destroyed. While she was heading back to Rivet City, she linked up with General Otto's forces and aided in mopping up any remaining Enclave troops in the area.

Marsha was promoted to Sergeant and awarded the Imperial Star for her part in ending the Battle of Washington, D.C.

Corporal Conrad and General Otto's forces with captured Enclave personnel

The hacker and space pirate crisis

See also: DRAW Your Own Story 11

By the time DYOS 11 started, Marsha had risen to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. At the start of the hacker crisis, she was stationed on the static aircraft carrier Rivet City. As the Hacker's shenanigans started to crop up, she informed Major Kusanagi of the frequency of his interference in her area.

Some time later, Kusanagi transfered Marsha to Nar Kreeta to directly confront Combine officers who continued to postpone the destruction of their portal device. CivGeneral reluctantly agreed to "see what he [could] do" about creating an inter-dimensional portal to evict the Advisors while Marsha and Samus Aran took charge of the Advisor pod transports. The resulting portal caused the machine to overload and self-destruct, sealing the wormhole. Not long afterward, the Hacker made a direct address, vowing revenge against Samus and CivGeneral for their part in the Mission to Zebes, as well as Marsha on the standard "bring-the-whole-family" basis of vendetta.

Marsha scolding a Combine officer on Nar Kreeta

I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Marsha Conrad and her cousin CivGeneral, seek out the Talon Company in space.


  • SPECIAL: 3ST, 8PE, 7EN, 3CH, 9IN, 6AG, 4LK
  • Karma: Good - Very Good
  • Model: Re-skinned Jill Valentine[4] (Pre-DYOS 11), Re-skinned Jessica Cannon (post-DYOS 10.5)

G.O.A.T. Results & Tagged Skills

  • Tattoo Artist
  • Small Guns
  • Science
  • Repair(With the Tag! perk)
  • Sneak

Powers and Abilities

Marsha is arguably only one of three normal action girls in CivGeneral's group along with Jill Valentine, Ayane, and Rebecca Chambers. The only powers she would posses would be aided by technology (eg. wearing power armor to give a strength buff).

She typically fills a dual role of mechanic and hacker along with a proficiency in the use of energy based weapons.


"Are you cosplaying Jill Valentine?"
"What?! NO! The beret is a gift from my cousin! This armor, it's lighter than my older combat armor"
― Conversation between Zoey and Marsha Conrad

Current Weapons

Energy Weapons

  • Glock 86 Plasma Pistol
  • Winchester 94 Plasma Rifle
  • AEP7 Laser Pistol
  • Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle
  • AER9 Laser Rifle

Misc Inventory

Behind the Scenes

File:Marsha 2.0.png
Marsha's new 'do

The idea of a relative for CivGeneral was not new. CivGeneral had ideas to introduce a relative, one of which featured Zoey from L4D as his cousin, but was dropped in favor of someone completely home-grown. Marsha Conrad is CivGeneral's first major character he's introduced that has no video game, movie, comic, manga, and/or anime connections, The second is Amanda Lockheart. This also led to a challenge for CivGeneral to come up with a name for her.

Her facial features were created using the Fallout 3 engine's character creation. Her Garry's Mod and non-Fallout 3 appearance was a re-skinned Jill Valentine ported from Resident Evil with S.T.A.R.S. markings removed, sleeve insignia replaced with the Republic Emblem and alternatively the Brotherhood of Steel emblem, and a nametag stitched onto the shirt. Owing to the close similarity between Marsha and Jill (her Garry's Mod appearance once described as Jill Valentine wearing glasses), a new model was customized so the two characters could be better distinguished.

Both Major Kusanagi & Marsha Conrad share the same hairstyle in their Fallout 3 depiction, although the Major has purple hair while Marsha has black/brown hair.

Real life coincidences

Marsha shares the same last name as the famed sea author Joseph Conrad as well as the ship named after him.


  1. Kudos for Thorvald for the name :D
  2. CivGeneral did not make any reference to relatives and family in DYOSes prior.
  3. Aside from parental concerns, he did not want her to tell CivGeneral the true origins of the Coruscantis
  4. In Garry's Mod

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