Marth Shepard

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Marth Shepard
Marth Shepard in his chain armour
First appearance DYOS XI
No. appearances A few times
Species Undead Human
Gender Male
Date of birth N/A
Age N/A
Address Transitional
Occupation Arcane Assassin
Spouse(s) Martha Shepard (Partners)
Relatives Many brothers and sisters.
Religion Kelemvor
Nationality Earth

I've always liked my women like I like my... By Fatal Touch! Undead scum!

—Marth Shepard explaining himself before confronting zombies

Marth Shepard was part of the Elite Guard for the Confederation of Space Iranians.

He and his partner Martha Shepard were found in a state between life and death by the Iranians, their bodies dead and unable to regenerate, but their consciousness still within.

In debt to having their wounds healed and the necromancers who left them in their current state being killed, Marth and Martha swore loyalty to the Iranians.

After a short fight at the Battle for Project Titan, they called a truce and joined Stylesrj's side in battle. They soon became friends afterwards and have helped him on further missions ever since.


Recently, Stylesrj's Space Mercenaries have landed at a Talon Company station. He was given free exploration of the station to change the group's opinion of Talon Company, only to find Barry the Necromancer. A chase ensued which resulted in being locked out temporarily.

Marth eventually got the door open to find that his sister was in the middle of a battle. He convinced her to stand down and helped bring her back onboard the Comet Observatory where he then decided to stand guard at the cryochamber until the situation was resolved.


Just because I'm a warlock does not mean I have to be evil... or even chaotic. Life isn't set like a D&D game

—Marth Shepard on his personality

Marth tends to make lewd sexual remarks to unmarried women in his vicinity, even in the presence of his wife. Even though his organs do not function, he still thinks of himself as a ladies man.
He carries a strong loyalty to his friends and family however.

While not a very spiritual person, he is a believer in Kelemvor's faith and would never waver from his faith, even if it cost his life.


Marth is one of the weakest people in his family, having not a big focus on physical strength or dexterity. His physical shortcomings are offset by his mental abilities.

Being undead has not made him a tougher person however as he still feels pain from being hit


Marth is highly skilled in the manipulation of fire. Unlike ordinary fire however, the fire he uses can set anything ablaze, even if it's already on fire with regular flame. However, it does hurt him physically every time he summons such attacks
This Hellfire is granted to him by influences unknown, but may be revealed in time. Or never.

He can also summon regular blasts of magic if he wants to kill something without getting wounded from the act of casting or if it's already happened.


Marth's main focus is on using his powers, but he has basic skill in using crossbows to defend himself if needed. While not an elite marksman, he can hit moving targets most of the time.

Behind the Scenes

Marth was originally created as a means of expanding upon Tama Shepard's backstory and what her family was like. While there were a few members of the family who were loyal to the cause, Marth was intended to be more sympathetic to the cause of the main cast, but with contractual obligations to Iran for saving his life.

This however was thrown aside later on due to Stylesrj having too much care for created characters to kill them off.