Martha Shepard

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Martha Shepard
"How does this thing work?"
First appearance DYOS XI
No. appearances A few times
Species Undead Human
Gender Female
Date of birth 14th century
Age 700 years
Address Transitional
Occupation Doomguide
Family Ruthkat Alathkastar (mother), General Nicholas Patterson (father), Qara Avethokastar (half-sister)
Spouse(s) Marth Shepard
Religion Kelemvor
Nationality Galava

A worthy cause actually achieves something. Marth and Stylesrj want to make the universe a better place. All you want to make better is the middle-east... and that's when you wipe Israel off the map

—Martha explains to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad what's wrong with him

Martha Shepard is a powerful fighter and Doomguide of Kelemvor, using both divine powers and swordsmanship to achieve her goals.

She and her partner Marth Shepard were found in a state between life and death by the Iranians, their bodies dead and unable to regenerate, but their consciousness still within. Martha was found to be the most damaged, having endured her suffering for centuries with no hope of rescue.
It was soon learned that Martha would only work if her partner was nearby.

Despite being undead, Martha still is a devout follower of Kelemvor

She is not related to the Shepard Family, only adopting the last name due to her marriage to Marth Shepard.


During Operation Toppling Goddesses, she spent several weeks in a deep state of depression from being separated from Marth during an early raid on the base. She refused to move from where she was and attempts to do so resulted in lashing out.

Eventually she decided to mount a single-person rescue operation to save him. She had to take several different means of transport to find and rescue her partner. Reunited, she made a promise to be more independent and to believe in herself more often.

After the Operation, she and Marth explored a Talon Company space station, where she ran into Barry the Necromancer. After a chase sequence, she was locked out, but eventually she broke through the doors and exacted revenge upon the Necromancer, giving him his last rites before sending his soul off to the City of Judgement.

Blasted to the Past

During the Time-travel arc in late DYOS XI, Martha was sent back in time to assist CivGeneral in correcting the past to make sure the dystopia alternate future (with the even more powergamey Stylesrj) did not occur.

She had succeeded in this endeavour, but was eventually coerced/forced by Qara Avethokastar to go further into the past to find out about her family.
Because Doc Emmett Brown wouldn't sell them a time machine, Martha was about to go "the long way" in terms of catching up and forgetting the past, only to have the G-Man send her back in time for convenience/plot purposes.

Arriving at the Rose Gold Empire on Galava, Martha decided that she needed to gather her thoughts and go for a walk. While this was happening, it was revealed that Qara was her half-sister. The fact was then revealed at a fancy party held in Martha's honour.


So I've got a word of warning for you and your friends. If I catch ANYONE performing the foul act of Necromancy or any other dark art, I WILL kill them!

—Martha Shepard to the Brotherhood of Steel

Martha's personality has varied over the centuries due to what she has been though and is highly unstable.

Originally, she was a spiritual and faithful follower of Kelemvor, having grown up in a temple for most of her early life. She also had a zero tolerance policy towards undead, necromancers and the dark arts.
When in a new territory, she strives to achieve neutrality in their jurisdiction unless they directly harm her in which case she is likely to kill them.

After her capture and imprisonment for over 600 years, Martha was left an emotional wreck. While elements of her past personality were still there, she was unstable without her husband being nearby.
This however changed after Operation Toppling Goddesses where she believed in herself better and realised she no longer needed her husband to be herself again.

Due to spending years in Iran since her rescue, some of their policies have rubbed off onto her making her highly intolerant of many things, even willing to treat people like necromancers for things such as homosexuality. She also tends to be more fanatical, even trying to coerce people into Kelemvor-sanctioned events. However, she still maintains loyalty towards friends and family and tries to tolerate misgivings before moving on to killing.


Martha's skillset is mostly offensive based, with the ability to heal being mostly optimised for use in the middle of a battle. However, she is highly reliant on her equipment and prayers to see her through a situation. Without them, she is quite useless.


Martha can regenerate damage to herself and others with healing magic granted by her god. While she can't do instant regeneration (Kelemvor is on the fritz about that at times) in combat, she can help keep someone alive until they can be brought somewhere secure.
She can also use her powers to regenerate the energy in the body to offset fatigue, either from lack of sleep or constant movement.


Martha was very physically fit before her time of death. Combined with a lack of energy to replenish, she can run for very long distances. Normally this would result in damages to her body from prolonged exertion, but it can be offset using her healing powers to regenerate damaged tissue and muscle.


Martha can use two-handed swords and shields in combat. While she works mostly with a Bastard Sword, if she wanted to show off, she can use a Katana. She relies on skill rather than strength in combat however, knowing where to strike rather than just striking hard or fast.

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Stylesrj's Team Medic
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