Master Shake

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Master Shake
Shake, still recovering from his injuries.
First appearance DYOS 11
No. appearances Many
Created by Gruekiller
Nickname(s) Shake
Species Sapient milkshake
Gender Male
Age Unknown (older than he claims)
Address Unknown
Occupation Jackass
Family None
Religion Worships himself

Master Shake is a talking milkshake, one of the main characters of [Adult Swim]'s television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Unit Patrol Squad Something You Know Whatever TV Show Show. He serves as a traveling companion and right-hand man - er, drink - to Gruekiller.

Character Bio

Shake was born on an undetermined planet. He was once a member of the part-time crime-fighting team Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but left at some point. Shake has hinted that this has to do with the untimely demise of his former compatriots, Frylock and Meatwad. Following an unexplained incident in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shake became fast friends with Gruekiller, an adventurer with a propensity for getting into trouble. Needless to say, the two got along famously.

Shake accompanied Gruekiller on his voyage to Ethiopia, where he took a page from Dio Brando and flattened several Nazi soldiers with a steamroller from the sky when the group was ambushed. He also tagged along on the group's unexpected detour to Avalon. Incapacitated for most of the visit by an I-beam to the chest sustained in the crash on the planet, he quickly grew close to Elizabeth Prowe, the medic who treated him, and daughter of Isaac Prowe, a leader among the local Avalonians.

Master Shake is capable of using battle-axes, flamethrowers, and shotguns in combat, if the TV series is to be believed.

He's well known to be a bit of a jerk and a compulsive liar, prone to telling false stories to make himself look better. He is perhaps a tad sexist, and more than a little oblivious to the world around him.