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"i haven't done any powergaming."
— Mathalamus
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Even Canada ain't perfect

Mathalamus is a CFC forumer known within the World History forum as a Byzantine apologist. He made himself a nuisance within the forum game Imperium Offtopicum with his neo-Byzantine empire that other players described as unfeasible, unbalanced, and completely unfair.

Mathalamus' behaviour in IOT has been satirized at least twice,[1][2] back when he was the only notable "problem" player. In later iterations of IOT, he got better, but not great. People mostly grew more tolerant of him when Domination3000 showed up in IOT 4.

Recently he hasn't been spotted much in Imperium Offtopicum threads, or at least, not caused enough trouble in them to warrant being lampooned again in DYOS. He has posted plenty in Off-Topic's Random Rants threads, though, where he's known for sounding like an anime character, disliking almost all humans not named aimeeandbeatles, and complaining about this page not being updated.[3]


Mathalamus's nations typically manifest in one of three varieties:

  1. Some sort of variation on Byzantium, headquartered at Constantinople (if it's Istanbul, expect a rename);
  2. A call-back to the Russian Empire, with a nod to the Orthodox Church;
  3. The Mathalamus Empire/Republic/What-Have-You, nearly 100% personality cult.

In the first two instances, expect a leader named Matthew Barabas.