Maxim Brusilov

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Maxim Brusilov
Brusilov on patrol in VDV-esque uniform
Allegiance Russia /  Eastern Union
Years of service1987 – present
RankMarshal of the Eastern Union
Battles/warsWar of the Steppes
Second Napoleonic War
Combine Insurgency
Third Nazi War

Maxim Brusilov is perhaps the single greatest general currently serving under the Eastern Union, and the only member of the modern Russian military forces to have yet received the distinction of Marshal. Quick but calm, knowledgeable yet practical, he does not let his rank prevent him from leading from the front, and he is practically idolized by the soldiers under his command. His many achievements include repelling Genghis Khan’s invaders, leading the counterattack against Napoleon, and preventing the Union armed forces from splintering in the face of the Combine invasion. Following the Second Napoleonic War, Brusilov administrated the occupational forces in the French and German condominiums.

DYOS 10.5

Following the ravage of Earth and with Thorvald of Lym abroad, Brusilov took it upon himself to determine what course of action the armed forces should take. Acting on anecdotal reports, he arranged a meeting with a Free Western Army unit that purportedly witnessed an attack in France in an effort to divine the nature of the "Gargantua". Before a course of action could be decided on, Brusilov was informed of the Space Nazi invasion of Poland, and the meeting was hastily adjourned as the generals left to prepare defences.[1]

Working alongside marshals Montgomery and Rommel, Brusilov co-ordinated a complex, yet effective defence strategy against the invasion of Germany that wearied Hickten's forces until they were reinforced by the Clone Guild.[2][3] After the withdrawal from Germany and the "Allied Split", Brusilov recalled the army to concentrate in defending Union territory that had been severely compromised as a result of the German strategy.[4]

Shortly thereafter, Brusilov took temporary leave to pursue private contacts in mustering resistance against the invasion.[5] One of these contacts was Kuraki Tojikawa, who gave him a cube-like device.[6] When he returned to command nine months later, he described to a convention of Union generals information he had received concerning the Space Nazis' standing strength; he suggested the device could be used to exploit a strategic flaw in the enemy's strategy, although what this entails is not yet known.[7]

Fun facts

  • Brusilov originated as Russian high commander for an Operation Flashpoint campaign designed by Thorvald of Lym.
  • Despite sharing some characteristics with Aleksei Brusilov, he was not consciously modelled on the general and the name choice was a coincidence.
  • Brusilov is introduced with the rank of General, but a subsequent comic refers to him as Marshal. This was before Thorvald realized no Russian general has been promoted to Marshal since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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