Maximilian Veers

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Maximilian Veers
Allegiance Republic of Coruscant
Service/branch Armor Division
Rank General

Third Nazi War

General Maximilian Veers is an esteemed officer of the Coruscanti Army, and one of CivGeneral's Trusted Officers. Veers joined the Imperial Academy where he trained toward the Assault Armor Division, having been won over by the AT-ATs, which he felt reflected both his own character[1] and that of the Empire as a whole. He proved himself a dedicated and knowledgeable commander, and a number of successful campaigns quickly rose him through the ranks.

DYOS 10.5

Veers was dispatched to Zebes after the planet fell under attack by the Greater German Space Reich.[2] By the time the Coruscanti force had arrived, the Space Nazis had complete control of the planet, and Veers, unable to establish a foothold, was forced to withdraw.

Veers was redeployed to Washington, D.C. after the emergence of the Enclave aggravated tensions along the Coruscanti border. With the Zebes offensive dead in the water, Veers had yet to see combat for some time, and the strategic value of the city led him to believe his post would remain quiet. This would not prove the case, as the Enclave launched a surprise attack in coordination with the Battle of Elysia. Veers ordered his men to dig in, determined to prevent the loss of the city.

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