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Megabyte is the chief antagonist in the television series ReBoot. He rules Mainframe's industrial sector of Ghetty Prime from his headquarters at Silicon Tor. Megabyte is a malignant virus, able to infect and control programs and objects. He possesses fantastic physical strength, super agility, and extendable claws (à la Wolverine) and fingernails (à la Lady Deathstrike; so two for the price of one). Megabyte's ultimate goal is to reach the Supercomputer and infect the entire Net, although he will attempt to conquer Mainframe if opportunity presents itself.

Following his entrapment in the Web at the beginning of Season 4, Megabyte had mutated into a Trojan Horse virus, able to impersonate anyone simply by stealing their code. He also gained the ability to directly infect others, turning them into "zombinomes".


Megabyte and his henchmen, Hack and Slash, appeared briefly in DRAW Your Own Story 6, corrupting Thorvald's computer and hindering his comic production.

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