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Born Japan
Allegiance Mr. Toyoda
Service/branch Civil Protection
Operations Zombie menace
Hokkaidō Uprising
Not to be confused with Mejico

Mejiko is a member of Toyoda's forces. Initially commissioned as a civil protection officer in the Hokkaidō prefecture, following the events in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 her current whereabouts are unknown.

CivGeneral and Co. encountered Mejiko as the lone operator of a supply dump-cum-antiaircraft battery along the coast.[1] She had been working underground against Captain Tōjō and helped Our Heroes infiltrate his headquarters in Kitami.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • A woman seen jumping during the celebration of V-C Day uses the same model as Mejiko.[3]
  • The base model is Ayane from the Dead or Alive series, who would later emerge as a character in her own right in DYOS XI.

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