Melinda Sweatt

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Melinda Sweatt
Allegiance Umbrel10.png Umbrella Corporation
Service/branch Umbrella Security
Years of service 2009 – 2011
Rank Corporal
Commands held Hyrule Research Branch
Battles/wars Hyrulian Insurgency

Melinda Sweatt is an NCO with the Umbrella Corporation's Private Military contractor. She was once the love interest of CivGeneral during his school years, while in reality she only used him to toy with his emotions. She eventually joined up with Bryan Shyner to tease him.

Behind the Scenes

The character is an amalgamation of the female kids who bullied CivGeneral during middle school, as well as his ex-girlfriends who did not treat him kindly after a breakup.

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CivGeneral's love interest
Preceded by
November – December 1996
Succeeded by
Jill Valentine