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First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Created by DaemonDD
Nickname(s) Left Hand of Lucifer
Li'l General
Species Devil
Gender Female
Date of birth unknown
Age 7
Occupation Demon General
Family Mephisto
Nationality Luciferian

Mephiles is a literal devil child that serves as one of two leading generals in Lucifer's Demon Clan, and is known as Lucifer's left hand. Her personality can be both inquisitively innocent and impulsively aggressive. She does not have the ability to speak, and her thoughts are transcribed in an unknown language[1]. Thus far, she has demonstrated no abnormal abilities characteristic of other members of Lucifer's clan, although she is strong enough to hold her own against some adults. She appears to hold a grudge against Faust.


Mephiles was born in Lucifer's Realm to Mephisto, one of the original demons under Lucifer's command. Although her mother didn't know it at the time, Lucifer recognized Mephiles' potential and believed that she had to be included in his army at an early age. Consequently, she was promoted to his second general at the age of 7.

Mephiles is trained to hunt and fight like a predatory animal, making her particularly adept for natural environments such as forests, jungles, caves, etc. As a result she developed animalistic instincts, making her problematic for fellow demons as she can feel threatened very easily, leading her to respond violently very quickly. Various "encounters" between her and Lucifer have earned her strong respect both from Lucifer and most of the other demons. The notable exception is Faust, whom she despises despite his cordial attitude toward her.


Mephiles was part of the entourage that saw Lucifer off at the start of DRAW Your Own Story XI.[2] Anxious during his absence, she spent her time looking into a river in Lucifer's domain (a grassy plain with weird plants and black dots over the sky).[3] Faust would habitually visit to check up on her and attempt encouragement, to Mephiles' vexation. In one encounter she turned violent,[4] leading to a fight that sent her back to Mephisto with minor injuries.[5] She was later summoned by Lucifer, joining him in our dimension to aid him on his quest.[6]

Hyrule incident

Mephiles was dispatched to find a duck that Lucifer had trouble capturing.[7] During the course of her search she stumbled upon a muffy and became pleasantly distracted by its dough-like body. This led to her encounter with Alex Merc and Roger Faarlander, who were fleeing from lord_joakim. Roger instinctively picked her up as they ran past, believing that Joakim would have killed her, bringing her onboard their ship.[8] She proceeded to drive the two mercenaries nearly insane, first by attacking them, and then after being subdued, crying their brains out during their six-day-long flee from Joakim.[9]

They later arrived over Hyrule, where they finally shook off lord_joakim by using an escape-pod while letting the ship crash into a floating temple with Joakim onboard.[10] Mephiles remained with them as they journeyed through the kingdom, now at ease with their company.[11] The group re-encountered Joakim in his 'natural' alias, and decided to let him come along.[12]. Shortly thereafter, a portal opened to the demon realm; Mephiles' initial euphoria quickly turned to angered fear as Faust emerged, claiming he was under orders to retrieve her and punish those responsible for her disappearance. She attempted to defend them but was quickly brushed aside;[13] Joakim was spurred into a new transformation and fought Faust while the party tried to escape. Stumbling upon the Triforce, Alex wasted the wish on water, resulting in a flood that washed Joakim away. Faust then apologized for his earlier actions and invited the party to the demon realm. When Alex asked for her opinion, Mephiles consented.[14]

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