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First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Last appearance N/A
No. appearances N/A
Nickname(s) M'lady, Wallmaster, Creepy dude
Aliases Unknown
Species Devil
Gender female
Date of birth Unknown
Age A few billion years
Address Unknown
Occupation Spawn Administrator
Family None
Spouse(s) None
Children Mephiles
Relatives Faust
Starsign None
Religion None
Nationality None

Known as Mephiles' mother, she was one of the first demons in Lucifer's Demon Clan. She is the strongest demon physically, although she intentionally has the personality of a loving mother. Compared to her daughter, she acts respectfully towards Faust, but she denies him the right to be of larger potential in the clan, or at least to decide ahead of her.

Mephisto has taken an interest in alternative powers, which even Lucifer doesn't want to mess with. She also seems to have a connection with "The Composer", who informed Lucifer that "his brother would return".


Mephisto is one of the few demons who are aware that they are born from Lucifer's essence. She have been gifted by Lucifer, the majority of his original strength, and she gained knowledge by forcing the majority from Faust. Mephisto gained excessive respect from the other demons, because she was once the most intimidating demon of them all, although she looks fairly human compared to other fairly intimidating demons such as Faust. She eventually married and got Mephiles. Since then, she had become less agressive and began to act more motherly towards the majority of demons. She does, however, require a lot of respect. Even from Lucifer.

Powers and Abillities

Like Mephiles, Mephisto have no special abillities like the majority of demons, but she have incredible strenght and is acrobatically lethal compared to a normal human. Like Lucifer, she remains ageless and cannot age, though she is able to die. She doesn't demonstrate her powers often, due to the fact that she has a child, which is currently her main focus to educate and care for. She does have a connection with Lucifer's nemesis, though what kind of connection it is, or if it's logically possible, is debatable.

Fun facts

  • Some people gets the impression that Mephisto is a male, perhaps due to her face not being particulary feminime at times. Or it could be due to her overly monsterous hands that are stuck on her shoulders.

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