Mikhail Kalinin

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Михаи́л Ива́нович Кали́нин
Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin
"For thousands of years humankind's finest minds have been struggling with the theoretical problem of finding the forms that would give peoples the possibility, without the greatest of torment, without internecine strife, of living side by side in friendship and brotherhood. Practically speaking, the first step in this direction is only being taken now, today."
Sit down, fool.
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
No. appearances >= 2
Created by Some poor peasants who died
Nickname(s) "Kalinych"
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth November 19, 1875
Date of death June 3, 1946
Age 142
Occupation Statesguy
Nationality 22px Soviet (Russian)

Mikhail "Dedushka" Kalinin was titular head of state of the Soviet Union. He is commonly seen in the company of Vyacheslav Molotov, introduced in DRAW Your Own Story 6 to distract Georgie Kalanin while Molotov stole Georgie's beer.

For some inexplicable reason, Kalinin can "Reboot" to briefly acquire power armour and heavy weapons, as demonstrated during the Battle of Arrakis.

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